I'm Turning Into Rogue!

Monday, January 28, 2013
Yes, you heard me right. I'm turning into Rogue off X-Men, and not because I absorb the life energy of anyone I touch. Yeah, definitely a no on that one.  It's because I'm going gray!  ACKKKKK! I know, right.

And there's only one spot I see all these gray hairs coming in: right in the middle of my bangs along my cowlick.  If it keeps up like this, I'll have nothing but white bangs to go with the rest of my hair dark, which honestly, I think would look kind of cool.  So, if I MUST go gray, I guess it's best it's happening the awesome Rogue way!

Since I've been married to my hubby going on twelve years now, I suppose I can't blame him for turning me gray. Ergo, I'm blaming the kiddo!  If she wasn't so stinkin' cute, I might have strangled her a couple times by now. She'll be three next month and she's quite a little ball of personality.

The child can't keep a secret. She told Grandma what she was getting for Christmas, and she told her daddy what he was getting for his birthday. I'm definitely going to have to watch my P's and Q's around her because she tells her baby-sitter (aka, my mother-in-law) EVERYTHING. Last week, she told Grandma she got a new puzzle. It came in a box and some guy brought it to the house. Took Grandma a while to figure out the "guy" was the UPS man, and he was delivering her birthday present, which YES, I gave to her early. I know, I have no willpower.

But anyway, it still has me freaked out. The only thing worse than your mother knowing every little thing you do is for your mother-in-law to know every little thing you do. So if I'm going to be lazy and watch a marathon run of The Lying Game on Netflicks all evening long (kind of like what I did all of last week), you-know-who is probably going to tattle on me.

So, that's my new life these days! Living with a kid who talks WAY too much.

On the the book end of my life, I'm still writing here and there. And reading on my RITA books. I haven't gotten into a Rita-read story that totally rocks the casbah yet, but I'm not quite halfway through the pile yet, so there's still hope that one will WOW me.

And now that I had to go and use the "casbah" cliche, I totally have The Clash song pounding through me head.  So...in a Happy Monday to you, I'm going to share the ack-I-can't-get-that-song-out-of-my-head moment with you. A little blast from the 80s!  Enjoy.


  1. Kids are tattletales. Welcome to my world. LOL

    Sorry about the gray but lovin' your perspective!! YOu should definitely blame it on the kiddo. *wink*

  2. GREAT minds Do think alike!!

    That little cutie blabber mouth. LOL

    You know what, I've read three RITA books so far and "meh" on all of them. Last year I got the cream of the crop. Every one of them I enjoyed. This year... Oh well. There are still several left. fingers crossed

  3. Lydia's like the circus fortune teller: Madame Lydia. Knows all, tells all :)

  4. Ha! I can relate! Thank goodness we were able to get our bear to understand what was ok to tell people and not ok to tell people pretty quick! Currently, she's one of the keepers of my secret identity and she's doing a great job!