My Late Monday Post

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Well, I was going to write up a post yesterday, but with a day off work and all, I just got too lazy! Plus, I don't have anything really, super exciting to say.

We've gotten through first round edits for Addicted to Ansley, and it's release date is less than two months away, so I guess that's sort of exciting!

But I haven't heard anything new about my New Adult story, so I'm still not a hundred percent positive what it's title will be yet. Not so exciting. 

I'm reading bunches and bunches lately, but had to take a time out from my 2013 reading resolution list because I signed up to read books for the RWA Rita and those showed up last week. All the Rita books I received are written by authors I've never read before so it'll a total surprise to me what each book is going to be like.

I've also been coming up with a lot of story ideas lately too (and thank you to everyone who assured me I wasn't an idea thief)! So I've been trying to jot those down before I forget them.

And I've decided one thing I need to work on in my writing is my purple prose. But it's sooo hard to do.  Authors are supposed to be creative, right, so naturally we want to come up with a creative way to say something, and before we know, we get carried away (well, I do, anyway) and we start saying things like "his uncontrollable emotions frothed to the surface."


My mom read that and was like, "huh?" Well, it's like this. I've seen emotions 'bubbling,' so why can't they froth?

Sometimes, my frilly description gets a little out of control and it makes my readers lose a little of the true meaning of what I want to say. It turns into a a bunch of pretty words that just confuse everyone: aka-purple prose.

They say Hemingway was a master at using simple words to make deep, meaningful descriptions. He never got caught up in purple prose. Maybe I should read Old Man and the Sea again to beef up on my internal  purple prose eater.

What's something you need to work on in your life?

OH!  And one last thing: Lisa at A Tasty Book Tours is setting up a book tour for A Fallow Heart. Yep, I'm finally having someone else set up a tour for me!! If anyone wants to participate, here's the link:


  1. Purple prose...that's an interesting phrase! I sometimes worry that I don't have enough pretty description in my writing! What do I need to work on...I need to read more...and get back to playing guitar. A year of being Ivy has put those hobbies on the back burner and I miss them.

    Best of luck with your Book tour!!

  2. I think it's all about balance. Throw some frilly purple prose in, but also use a common phrase / description from time to time.
    If it's just one OR the other it would feel either too fake or too plain.

    What's something you need to work on in your life?
    Definitely my weight. Started my #weightlossjourney in March 2012 and have lost 88lbs so far. 44 to go.

    Happy VERY late Monday ;-)
    See ya on Facebook.