Book Cover Samples, Bow Shoots, and Fireflies

Friday, June 14, 2013
And another busy week has gone by!

I just sent in my second round of edits for Cry. Really, like just ten minutes ago. I'm feeling pretty good about that story right now.

What's even better: They sent me sample covers for Cry this week too.  Each sample was so amazing; I didn't know which one to choose. But I think we finally settled on one that's just right for the story! I have no idea when I'll get to show it off, but don't worry, I will definitely let you know as soon as I can!

Since the professional editing and proofreading for Price of a Kiss is finished, I decided to start sending out some review requests to people.  So far, exactly fifty percent have responded and asked for a copy of the story to read.  I know, I thought that was an amazing percentage for me too!

One of my amazing reviewer recipients has even finished reading it and put up a review on Goodreads already.  Not to brag or anything, but oh yeah, it was five stars! Woot, woot!!

I can't express how nice it feels to start out with a positive review. I've started out the other way before, and it totally taints your entire story. Instead of being all proud and happy about all that work you put into it, you just feel ashamed that you created something so monstrous and awful.  But when the reviews starts out positive, it's easier to swallow negative comments when they finally come in (it is for me, anyway) and helps you realize that not everyone despises what you did and that each person has her own outlook and point of view and taste.

Wow, I didn't mean to get off onto a tangent about that, so I'll shut up now!

In the real world, my husband and I went to a bow-shooting competition.  Actually, it was called a 3-D challenge.  I was picturing this big open field, with maybe some grandstands, and an announcer who called out contestants names while there were rows of mowed grass with huge bulls eye targets at the end and people milling around everywhere. 

But nope. There was barely anyone else around, each group went off on their own. We traipsed through rugged woods, ups hills and down, across creeks and through briar patches during the hottest part of the day, with I-don't-know-how-many-ticks crawling all over me (and one bull snake siting...not fun) as we looked for spray-painted marks on the ground telling us where to shoot from. And the targets were actual animals (fake, rubber, 3-D animals like deer, bear, raccoons, and even a tiny dinosaur, plus three zombies) with no bulls eyes on ANY of them.

Honestly, the real version was much more fun than what I was imagining. And now, since the hubby knows I actually liked it, he's gone crazy with the idea of getting me a better bow and all these nifty gadgets. So...I guess I'm going to be a bow-shooter now. Which is pretty cool, huh! The best part is that my soul mate and I can do it together! Aww...

Oh, you're probably wondering how I actually ranked.  Well...hey, it was my first competition. And really, I have no idea. But I CAN tell you I got 180 points out of 360 possible. The husband got 274, I think. And my nephew who cam with us got 203. It was his first 3-D challenge too. There were only two other women who entered the ladies division, but they hadn't finished the course by the time I left. So I don't know if they did better or worse. Though I know I at least ranked third! Awesome.

All the while, my kid is growing like a weed. She's into fireflies these days. The first one we caught and put into the jaw survived four days. We must've prepared her well for its eminent death. When it finally croaked, she let out a sympathetic little sound and then reassured me that bugs didn't live long.  I totally love that girl.

But okay, I should really let you go now.  Have a great weekend.  And happy reading!


  1. Sounds like a great time. Except for the snake and the ticks. Eewww.

    Congrats on the great review!

  2. You are so prolific! Congrats on the review. It IS easier to take the negative ones when you start out with a positive.

    We don't see fireflies where we are, but I grew up catching them and putting them in jars. Poor guys. Sometimes we would rip off the tails and wear their glowing tails as rings on our fingers.

    Yeah. We were messed up kids. LOL

  3. Ooooh can I see an edited copy?? I'd love to see how it's transformed. =) I'll definitely write up a review based on my previous thoughts & either a re-read or skim of the more finished copy. =)

    Also, if you want me to tweet or ask people I know who read NA if they want to review, just email me the details & I'll check around. =)