CRY No More

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
After I got through my second round of edits for my upcoming novel, CRY, and got a peek of what the cover was going to look like, the publisher decided it needed to be re-titled.

I had tried to come up with a new title before submitting it to publishers. One of my beta readers thought it needed something different. But I never could think of anything I liked. Then my sister and niece said they liked Cry, so...I kept it as is.

They (my publishing peeps) suggested Fighting Fate. At this point, I was like sure, whatever. Sounds fine to me.  Let's do that (because I certainly couldn't think up anything better). But afterward, I told the sister and niece it's title was changing.  And, wow, they were devastated. My niece was like, "GASP!  No. Tell them NO!"  But I'd already said it was fine by me. And actually, the new cover sample looks lots better with a little bit longer title on it.

I'd ask what you all think sounds better, but you'd probably like to know what the story is about first, huh?  Okay then. Here's the general plot:

Girl starts her first day of college. Finds her first class, and during roll call, she learns she shares the class with her brother's murderer. There's lots of crying (hence the CRY title) and lots of fate pushing these two together (hence the FATE title), but after a while, the girl and the guy she thought she hated and thought had destroyed her life and her entire family began to grow feelings for each other (hence the romance!). which title do you think sounds better?


It's week eleven on my PRICE OF A KISS countdown, and here is what my wonky heroine, Reese, has to say today:


  1. Good morning! I like Fighting Fate, but I'm curious as to why your publisher didn't want to go with your "Cry" title???

  2. I'm not especially fond of Fighting Fate, but I think it's probably a better title than Cry. Especially since it's a romance.