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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
I have been hoooked on the television show, PSYCH, lately. And I totally blame my sister and niece. Since they have gotten Netflix, they have told me about all these great programs out there.  So they discvoered Psych and clued me in, and now I'm about to start in on season six. The hubby and daughter are utterly annoyed by my obsession. But I just can't stop watching it. It's so funny, and ingenious, and...and awesome.  You should become obsessed with it too.  Really.

Anyway, that has pretty much nothing to do with what I'm about to talk about except that I think watching TV is a great source of creative juice for authors. It's fun to take something I see on a show and twist it around until it's sorta new and sorta mine. 

For instance (you knew a 'for instance' was coming, didn't you?), I love this actor who's been on two shows I've started watching (neither are Pysch, by the way!).  In one show, his name is Tyler. In another, his name is Ethan. In one show, he owns a Jeep and works at a country club as a valet driver. So..I made my hero a valet driver at the country club, who drives a Jeep.  He name isn't Tyler...or Ethan, but I did name some other cameo characters in that story Tyler and Ethan.

Does anyone know which actor or two televisions shows I'm talking about? Anyway...

I love weaving stray details like that into my stories. It seems to make the stuff that is totally made up sound more authentic. And it makes the story feel more like me, which probably doesn't make a lot of sense, since I stole those little details from other stories, but those details have become a part of me. They're things I like and help make me what I am. So I like to bring them out in a different venue to reveal a little bit of me hidden in every story I write.

Cool, huh?

Are there any interesting little tidbits you've taken from a television and made it your own or put it in your story?

As a small aside: It's twelve weeks until PRICE OF A KISS, releases for sale. So I thought I'd have a fun countdown by sharing an entertaining quote a week from my wonky heroine Reese every Tuesday until the big day. So here beginneth the quote countdown:

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  1. Not a clue what shows. Or what actor. We don't have Netflix. But I try to put little twisted pieces of me into my stories, too.