Cover Reveal - PRICE OF A KISS

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
It's here!  It's here!  It's here!!
I am soooo excited (can you tell?) My cover reveal is today. So, here is the cover for my next contemporary new adult romance story, PRICE OF A KISS, officially releasing four weeks from today on September 3rd (though honestly, I'm pretty sure I'll sneak it online for sale earlier than that!):

In think a couple of my other books got all jealous by POK's limelight today, so they decided they needed to come up with some big news to make me mention them as well. 

So... Fighting Fate would like you all to know that she was rated a "Top Pick" in Best Romance Novel's Today best contemporary romance section this week. It was utterly bizarre to see her cover sharing a page with big-name authors like Sarah McLean, Maggie Shayne, and Gennita Low.  But I totally loved it!

And Addicted to Ansley had to go and make some great news too, right in the middle of all this. Thorndike Press has picked up the rights to publish her story in large print hardback for their "sweet reads" selection they target toward libraries!  So, woot, woot, for Addicted to Ansley!!

And since it's Tuesday on my PRICE OF A KISS countdown day, I still have my quote banner to share. So, below is another wonky saying from my heroine Reese Randall:

PS: Many thanks to AToMR Book Tours for setting up my cover reveal today, and to these book bloggers who are helping to spread the word about my new cover! I can't thank you guys enough :

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  1. Love the new cover!!!
    Congrats on all the great news. :)

  2. Love the cover! And congrats on the LARGE PRINT edition :)

  3. LOVE your new cover!! It's amazing! And congratulations on Fighting Fate doing so well! I'm not sure that's grammatically correct...forgive me...I'm still working through my first cup of coffee...

  4. I love it when my books go to large print==WOOT!!!!

    And can I tell you that that cover is GORGEOUS!

  5. Ooooh how did I miss this?? Love the colours of it!! <3