I made the Top 100 on Kindle's Bestseller List!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
It seems to happen every time. When I have a big book milestone in my life, I also hit a big baby milestone in my life.

The same month I had my first baby, my first book, The Stillburrow Crush, was released.

And it's happened again.

The night before my kiddo started preschool, when I released her to the world, my fourteenth story, Price of a Kiss, hit the top 100 in Amazon's Kindle bestsellers list!

Miss Lydia was sooooo excited for preschool yesterday. She raced into the gate, following the other kids, before Mom and Dad could hug her goodbye! And when I went to pick her up, she begged to stay longer.  Plus she's ready to go back this afternoon.  So, I think that's a success. Fingers crossed that it lasts!

I was extremely nervous, worrying about a million and one things that could go wrong.  But it seemed fine, except for the fact that I stayed at work until the very last minute before picking her up and she was the last kid waiting for a parent to come get her. 

I felt awful, thinking that she' d probably watched all these loving mommys and daddys pick up their children while hers never showed.  Then I learned her daddy had popped in while he was working to see her when she got out of class, so he was there and gone again before I showed up.  Whew. Daddy saved the day again! 

Now I know that I have to change my work-time schedule just a couple more minutes to fit in all this dropping-off and picking-up stuff.  Thank goodness my boss was cool enough to let me come in early so I could leave early every day.

I asked her what all she did in school and she was like, "I can't think." It must have been overwhelming with so much to do. Maybe in a couple days, she'll be able to talk about it more.  But she did say, "I didn't cry," which made me feel better!

Now, onto milestone number two!

For about twenty-four hours, Price of a Kiss, was rated within the top 100 paid books in the Kindle store on Amazon's Best Sellers ranking. From around 8pm Sunday night to 8pm last night, life was awesome.

So, that's been what's up with me.

Today is my Mom's seventy-fifth birthday.  We're throwing her a surprise party (and I can tell you this because she doesn't have a computer and won't read my blog to know any better).  Lydia and I are supposed to be her distractions. We're calling her over to come visit for an hour or so while everyone else gets the party up and ready at her place.  I hope I don't mess my part up somehow!

Oh!  And I'm being interviewed on Parajunkies today about How to Resist Prince Charming.

Okay, I'll let you guys go now.  Have a great week!

Well, this is it. One week left until PRICE OF A KISS starts its blogging tours! So, this is my last countdown quote to share with you. Enjoy:

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