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Friday, August 2, 2013
The road I grew up on floods whenever it rains more than an inch or so. It has for as long as I can remember. Now, that I'm (physically, at least) grown up, I still live on that same road, about half a mile from my mom's house. Lydia and I like to walk down to visit Grandma Doris (who's turned into some kind of widow gone wild and is now in Alaska on a cruise-type thing, then will promptly go to Mexico for a week or so of mission work. It's craziness, but I'm glad she's happy. Anyway...).

This week, our road flooded. Typical.  I had to drive around the mile section to get to work, which I was used to doing. But the next day, after the water had gone down, I turned off the highway onto my road only to find--gasp!--a new sign saying "Road May Flood." It's all pretty and bright yellow with black, block letters.

A new sign on my road; that's all I got new going on today!  So, what's up with you?

Actually, it's fair week in my county. My husband has been working some midnight shifts there for security after his evening shifts, so I've been home alone with the kiddo and letting her bunk with me at nights.  And last night, one of the rare times she wets the bed, she went all over daddy's side.  So, I was up at two this morning, frantically trying to get sheets cleaned and the mattress dried so the husband, who just worked pretty-much a double shift, can have something to sleep on today.

And, whew, when he made it home at five this morning, The sheets were done and the mattress was dry enough for him.

So, if I ramble a bit, you can blame the lack of sleep I've had!

I took kiddo to the fair to see all the livestock yesterday. It was sloppy from the rain, but us farm girls just put on our rubber boots and managed just fine. We ran into some of her cousins who were displaying some of their goats in the 4-H goat show. And I've decided goat shows tick me off. 

After walking your goat around the arena on a leash, the judge has you line them all up, and he picks out the ones he doesn't like first, sending them to the other side to wait until he comes up with a first place winner. Four of my five nieces and nephews were picked first to lose in every competition they were in. Made me feel all crappy for them. I'm not one of those people that say every child should be a winner and get a medal and trophy, but pointing out the worst of the breed first seemed pretty cut-throat. Then they go and announce it on the loud speaker to top it off.  Ouch.

Okay, I think I'm shutting up now. Have a great weekend.

It's been two weeks since FIGHTING FATE released. So, here's my celebratory teaser quote of the day.

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  1. I wonder why the judges don't do like dog shows and pull out the top ones and pick from those. Much more fair.

    Stay dry and have a great weekend!