Author Appearance Tonight!

Monday, November 18, 2013
Tonight (Monday, November 18th), I'll be attending the Local Author Open House and Reception at the Pittsburg Public Library (308 N. Walnut, Pittsburg, KS) from 6pm to 7:30pm, signing books and giving away my stylus/ink pens if anyone in the area wants to drop in and say hey!!

In other news, I'm already getting feedback from my wonderful beta readers for my second Granton University book.  The people (like my family members) who don't say "I wouldn't change a thing," are very contradictory to each other.  One person will have their favorite character and another person will think that's the worst character in a book.  One person will love a scene, while another would like me to delete it. Usually, I'll get a few people who actually agree on a couple points, letting me know which certain areas I need to work on, but this time, it's all over the place. Every comment is totally different. Not only am I freshly reminded just how subjective reader opinion is, but I'm utterly conflicted on what really needs fixed.  Oh well. I'll figure something out!

And I'm so excited!! Last night, I got my first order for someone who wanted to buy one of my pre-made Kage cover. So, I've got two customers under my belt now because someone else has also ordered a custom-made cover from me.  And so it begins...(I've always wanted to say that!!)

Anyway, that's what's up with me today.  I hope I actually get to see some of you at the Pittsburg Public Library tonight! 

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