Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
I finally figured out how to make a book free on Amazon!  I'd been told a couple times to make it free somewhere else and they'll price match. So I tried it with one book, but it didn't take. Last Wednesday, I decided to try again with Kiss it Better. Five days later, Amazon finally offered it for free too!

So, Kiss it Better is free this week on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and AllRomanceEbooks! And now that I know that technique works at least fifty percent of the time, who know which one of my stories will have a freebie run next!

My local author meet-and-greet reception last Monday went well. Lots of family members stopped in to say hi and I actually sold one book to a complete stranger. I know, Go Linda!  Lydia stole the show, though. After she saw me give swag to someone and encourage them to sign up for my win-a-book drawing, she started pushing swag at everyone who passed our table. And no one could turn down a blond-haired, blue-eyed adorable three-year-old, so I had lots of people sign up in my drawing.  Thank you, dear daughter! I didn't have to do anything but smile after that! 

She also saw me sign that one book I sold, so...this weekend, she found my box of books I'd taken to the reception, and she pulled out one of my stories to sign it herself.  Since she's now in pre-school, she's just beginning to learn how to write her name. But I had yet to see her write out every letter in order, until she signed my book. That's why I'm all proud that she vandalized it, instead of upset. She did such a great job!  And it was flattering that she wanted to sign a book like her mama had.

The Y may look like a T, and the A a Q, but I still love it. This here is a treasured little keepsake. 

The coincidence really came when the book she signed was Hot Commodity, which was the first book I dedicated solely to her!

In other writing news, I started working on my story To Professor with Love and I even got it up to 40,000 words written. A certain character name Mason Low made an appearance in Chapter Four, by the way.  But then I received more feedback for my Granton University Book Two, and the professor once again took a back seat. I'm hoping to get the Granton book sent off to my publisher in December so I can get back to work on Noel and Aspen's story. But we'll see.

With that, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week. Eat until you're stuffed; I know I will! I have tons to be thankful for these days. I'm thankful that I have the cutest, sweetest little girl ever and an amazing husband who likes to clean so much that he burns out the belt on our vacuum cleaner. I'm thankful that some people actually like my books I write, and I'm thankful that I can find the time to do what I love most: make up stories!

Have a great week!


  1. Hmmmm well I suppose it's good to know that making it free worked at least once. I know Stephanie (Parent) had major issues with getting it to work. You would think if they had that feature that they should make sure it's consistent, or else just let people upload things for free.

    That's so cute about the signed book. =)

    Happy Thanksgiving! Or as we call it in Canada: Thursday. ;)

  2. Lydia's signing your book is so precious. It's one of those wonderful things that you could never plan.

    Wishing you a happy and stuffed Thanksgiving!