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Friday, October 10, 2008
Though we didn't make it home from my writing meeting until a quarter till midnight last night, I feel wide awake this morning and am eager to start the day. There's just something about coming together with a group of people that are as passionate and excited about the same subject you are. When you're surrounded all the time by friends and family who love to affectionately tease you about your dream--Yeah, Linda here writes soft porn (They like to call romance soft porn)--it's as if you step from night into day once you're suddenly embraced by all these other individuals going through the same exact situation. It's enlightening and soothing, encouraging and energizing all wrapped into one fun ball.

Suzanne Arruda gave a spectacular speech, challenging everyone in the meeting to mix in other genres while creating our stories. She contained the very presence of enlightenment and encouraging energy that comforted me into once again feeling satisfied about writing the stories I do so love to write. And there's no denying Suzanne's entertainment value. I spent a good portion of the evening holding my stomach and wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. She is truly a magnificent storyteller. If ever you get the opportunity, watch one of her speeches in person to get the full effect of movement and voice inflection. She's wonderful.

But not only did she bring an amazing presentation to our group, she also brought a guest. I had never met Harlequin Everlasting Love author, Tessa McDermid, before and I had no idea there was another romance author living under a hundred miles from me. It was relieving to discover I had a like-minded writer closer than Kansas City away. And she's such a pleasant person. I enjoyed both her and Suzanne's company all evening and learned so much from them. It was an aspiring writer's dream.

And now that I'm full to bursting with romance enthusiasm this morning, I'm extra-excited about the third and final trailer for the movie, Twilight, that just came out. I would say this is my favorite preview of the movie so far because it really shows the sweet, romantic part of the story. We're able to watch the hero and heroine actually converse... at least Edward's character has more dialogue to match Bella's. And we're showed more of their kiss scene. Wow, that looks... amazing. And when he says, "You are my life now," every romantic bone in my body just melted. Uber sweet. I'm not sure I can wait a little over a month more to watch the whole show. But I guess we'll all have to.

Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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