Predictable Life

Monday, October 27, 2008
Life can be so very predictable. It’s almost always about the counterbalance. As soon as one thing goes right, something else has to go wrong.

Take my house-building project for example. Our poor mudding and taping guy experienced all sorts of problems from mechanical to medical, he was delayed nearly a month. Finally, when that picked up and he even offered to primer our walls because he’d taken so long, we thought we’d hopped on the right track again. Someone came out to look at our water-leaking problem and we bought vanities, paint, and doors without killing anyone or totally breaking anything.

So, last night we made it home late from messing with all that and were ready to relax in front of the tube for an hour before bedtime. I threw a load of jeans in the washing machine and walked into the kitchen to see about what to make for food… when from the laundry room, the washing machine made the most gawd-awful noise and threatened to blow. It died, of course, and the motor toasted to a crisp.

It just goes to show you, you can’t have it all… ever.

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