Bad Boys Don't Play Hero -- CH 4

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Chapter Four for my young adult free read story, Bad Boys Don't Play Hero, is uploaded and ready to read on my website . We've left the hero's head and are now going to see everything from the heroine's point of view. I hope you enjoy!

And I thank everyone who stopped by my interview at the Climbing Rose of the Wild Rose Press Blog last Friday. Made me feel like I was Miley Cyrus or someone equally famous with their own fan club.


  1. That may be the most comments we ever got on a Climbing Rose post. If I only had a prize to give to you for that! Just my thanks :)

  2. I missed the interview last week, so I just went over to check it out. It's fun to learn a little more about you :)

  3. I'll have to come back to read these. With Nano, time is of the essence right now.

    Glad to hear that your not head hopping!!!

  4. Please keep reminding me. I want to read these, but I've got tons of reviews to do before the end of the month. Hope to be back later.

  5. Are these chapters for a story you're going to sub, or just for your website? I forget if you already told us. :) I hope to come back and read them.

  6. Susan - Being interviewed on Climbing Roses is prize enough for me! I'm glad I could help bring more attention to the blog.

    Natalie - Thanks for checking it out! You're too sweet.

    Eileen and Sheila - No problem. I'll post another chapter in December and January, so this won't be your last opportunity to read the story by any means. Plus, I'm sure I'll keep it on my website for a a good, long while.

    Jessica - Nope, I'm not submitting this story anywhere. It's just a fun, short read to entertain those people who are so patiently waiting for my first book to come out.