Only 120 Days to Go

Thursday, November 5, 2009
In the beginning of my pregnancy, everyone was all like, "Oh, Linda, you look so good. Can't tell you're pregnant at all."

Sigh. I miss those days. I gained nine, NINE, freaking pounds since my last check up, and no, my last check up was not ten weeks ago. Try four. Nine pounds in four weeks. Can that be normal? I just want to sit on my couch and eat my misery away. Oh, wait, that's what I'm doing already. Double sigh.

Other than that, me and the butterball are great, well, besides the achy back, way-too-heavy chest, constantly full bladder, and my inability to bend over anymore. The doctor said I'm gaining the right amount of weight and my little girl is growing at the perfect rate, so I can't complain. I'm pretty giddy actually.

I love to watch my belly move around (yes, WHILE I'm sitting on the couch, eating!!). It's fun trying to interpret her movements. She likes to boogie when we're in the car and I have the radio playing. If I like the song, I take her movements to mean she's happy and dancing to the tune. If I don't, I usually say she doesn't either and is kicking me to turn the channel.

I watched the television show Accidentally On Purpose the other night. The heroine was chowing down on ribs (smart woman) when she felt her baby's first stirring. She exclaimed, "The baby likes ribs... or doesn't.... Ooooh. Baby's first opinion." I totally understood. I like thinking baby's trying to tell me something when she moves around.

So, that's what's been going on with me. The hubby seems to be dealing pretty good. He likes it when I wear maternity tops. He grins and says, "You're finally looking pregnant." So, at least he doesn't think I've gained too much yet.

From now on, my appointments will start getting closer together. But I'll try not to make my baby updates closer promises though. This stuff is too exciting not to share.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say today. Toodles.


  1. Linda, thanks for the update. When I was pregnant I thought I was the ONLY one in the world who had been through that experience. Yep, I was pretty stupid! :)

    Share, share. We want to know.'re only gonna get bigger. Clip those toenails now. You won't be able to soon. :)

  2. I have my doubts you were ever stupid. And thanks for the tip. I DO need to clip those toenails.

  3. Can't wait to hear other pregnancy updates! Glad you're going well and baby too. :O)

  4. Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well. Are you having any strange cravings?

    With my first it was sunflowers seeds and jalapenos. Not together. And my second, I actually ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I hadn't eat peanut butter in over ten years at that point so it was odd for me :D

  5. I love hearing baby news! Being pregnant is such a remarkable experience, treasure and record every moment.

    My sister keep a journal during her pregnancy, writing the baby a letter every day.

  6. Thanks, Diane.

    Cindy--Is craving an entire buffet strange? I don't crave one thing all the time, but all sorts of differnet foods all the time. Not so much sweet-sweet stuff (besides chocolate, of course) or hot-spicy stuff. But big, full savory meals. I fear Thanksgiving is going to be a disaster to my waistline!

    And Tamika--I love that idea about keep a journal to write to the baby everyday. Thank you.

  7. Hahahahaha...When I was pg with my last one, Dairy Queen sounded soooo good...until I took the first bite. Instant nausea. (I was still in 1st trimester!)

    After that, Baby declared it wanted fettucini alfredo, Caesar Salad, and/or Chef salads. I also developed a taste for chicken salad sandwiches.

    Yes; keep a 'diary' of not only the pregnany, but the baby's first year, and any milestones after that! With my first two, I did a great job of filling out the baby books; with the last one, we moved when he wasn't quite two and his book is buried in storage. I started sending out monthly 'W Updates' to friends, and kept them, so when (if??) I unearth his book, I won't have any problems filling in the blanks on his babyhood:)

  8. This is definitely exciting times for you, Linda! Congratulations! You're coming in on the home stretch, before you know it, you'll be holding your beautiful little blessing in your arms, not your tummy anymore.

  9. You guys have such great stories and advice. Thanks, Molly. Ffettucini alfredo sounds really good, now that you mention it.

    And Eileen, I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait till what you say is true. It used to be, the idea of having my own child intimidated the heck out of me. But now that she's on her way and I can feel her moving around inside me, I just CAN'T WAIT to meet her.

  10. Oh- serious congrats!! Do keep us updated. I promise not to tell my horror stories...heeheehee...
    We want pics, too, you know...

  11. I'll an another ultrasound on my next appointment, so I'm sure I'll have more pics soon. Hopefully, she won't look like a little skeleton-alien baby in those:)!

  12. I looked great in the beginning of my pregnancy, too, then in the third trimester even when I LOOKED at food I gained weight! :)

  13. Thank you, Jennifer and Sheila! And I think you're right; feels like I gaine a pound just thinking about looking at food!!

  14. With my first baby I gained 60 pounds! I was so mad at myself. Baby #2 came too close after to get in shape and lose much weight. But after baby #2 I joined the YMCA and got back to my normal weight. Still, with baby #3 I looked huge enough to be having twins.

  15. Speaking of cravings, keep track of what you like the most. A lot of people say that whatever it is Mom craved while pregnant is the child's favorite food.

    I thought that was interesting, so I asked my mom what she craved while pregant with me. And yep. favorite, apparently from in utero until today!

    I'm so very happy for you.

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