Chevy Up Your Story

Monday, November 2, 2009
Since NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) started yesterday, all my writing friends are off... busy crafting a 50,000 word story in one month. So, I'd like to help them along with one piece of advice. Don't forget the GMC, which of course stands for Goal, Motivation, and Conflict (I always think of the Chevy Emblem when I hear that term, so that explains why I had to slot that picture in here).

Every story needs GMC, or there's no story to tell. Just make sure while you're busy describing the beautiful sunset and giving your unique characters their awesome dialogue that you're still working on the GMC (durned ol' chevy always needs its maintenance).

Bob's goal is to buy himself a shiny new GMC Chevy Camero.


Bob's motivation for wanting such a purty new car is the idea that it'll get him lots of chicks.

But... Bob's a little short in the money department, so getting this car is going to be a trial.

And there's your story. How much does Bob want that car? What lengths will he go to in order to get it? What started this deep-seated need to impress so many woman?

A writer could go so many different directions with a story like that, all because there's a simple GMC propelling it along.

So, there's my single reminder for all you writers out there, creating your masterpieces. FORGET NOT THE GMC!! Good luck and God speed.

Now... I think I'll go and try to follow my own advice!


  1. I just bought a Chevy, does that count?!

    Love the analogy, this is what I needed to hear. I seem to be lacking on the setting but there is plenty of conflict!

    I'm bookmarking this page, thanks.

  2. LOL, thanks for stopping by, Tamika.

    If you really need help with your story, I recommend visiting author Kathy Carmichael's website, in her "On Writing" section.
    She makes her advice so easy to understand. Good Luck!

  3. Good way to remember this. Hope your weekend was great and loads of fun. :O)

  4. :D I like your GMC example! I will remember this. Now, back to writing.

  5. I thought you bought a new car and were showing it off. :)

    Great advice my friend. Dang you're full of great advice today. You gave me wonderful encouragement over at my blog, now this.

    I hope they're all listening. :)

  6. Yeah, I WISH I could get a car like that!!

  7. What an awesome, simple way to break down a story! I needed a little bit of simplicity right now so THANKS!

  8. Hi- better late than never, huh? :) Great post. Wonderful way to tell it. Cheers!

  9. I love this. I have to reexamine my hero's GMC in my nano novel. My heroine has tons. I'm not so sure his is good enough, though. Thanks for the reminder. I think I was stalling because of this. Your post came at the perfect time. :)

  10. Thank you, thank you, Natalie, Nancy and Ashley. I do try to keep things as simple as I can and sometimes it's just that simple reminder that turns on the lightbulb to fix a complex problem!