"The Stillburrow Crush" Video and Appreciation

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
If, for some odd reason, you haven't seen the video to The Stillburrow Crush then... this one's for you! The book comes out in THREE DAYS from The Wild Rose Press!!! I can't wait.

But don't go yet! I just gotta yell out my thanks to everyone who helped make this book possible.

Sandra Ruth : Sister by chance, friend by choice. She has patiently (and probably painfully at times) read every single piece of writing I've ever shown her, starting way back when I was ten and began to spin my fictitious tales. I'll never forget the last day of my junior year of high school (she was only weeks pregnant with her firstborn). We hopped in the car as soon as classes let out and drove about eight hours to Taylorville, Illinois because for some reason I'd set the first novel I wrote there, and she thought my manuscript would be more authentic if I actually visited the place. Even though her morning sickness started halfway through the trip, my big sister stuck by my side so I could experience this writing research. I'll never be able to thank her enough for her unending support. This book is definitely for her.

To my hubby, my parents, and the rest of my family (especially Cindy, Jamie, Nancy, Kayla, and Mom, who actually sat down and read The Stillburrow Crush when it was unvarnished and raw; and all you others who probably did, though I don't know about it). Thank you for always being there for me and letting me know you'll ALWAYS be there for me.

A big thank you to Susan Yates : Seriously, guys, no first-time author could find an editor as amazing as this lady. She's been patient, supportive, even down-right flattering at times. The Wild Rose Press found a gem when they hired her on.

To my all the teachers who've given me an extra boost in my English classes (from first grade through college): Mrs. Coltrane, Mrs. Lomshek, Mrs. Elrod, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Tilley, Mr. Parsons, Ms. Washburn, and Dr. Degrave (an special extra thanks to Dr. Degrave for reading through The Stillburrow Crush in it's earliest days to give me a critique).

To the ladies at PPL, who also read through The Stillburrow Crush before it was what it is now, Thank you to: Helen, Cindy, Jean, Tiffany, Sue, Susie, Gail and anyone else who read it that I don't know about! I'll always remember your support.

And last but certainly not least : my writing pals, critique partners, and blogger buddies. You've all provided support that no one else could because you KNOW what it's like to struggle through the writing world. You've made this struggle of mine tolerable and even fun. Thank you so much.

Okay, okay. My awards acceptance speech is over--couldn't you just picture me up on stage, decked out in some glamour gown and hugging an Emmy close to my chest, while giving that speech.
You may now go on your merry way! See you tomorrow.


  1. I heart Susan Yates:) She took the time to give me some VALUABLE feedback on one of my stories, and brought it to my attention my series isn't romance, but women's fiction.

    BTW....postcard arrived Saturday. My daughter likes the look of it, so now I HAVE to buy it sooner than expected!

  2. Susan is defintely the best. And I'm so glad you received your postcard. I hope the cover proves the story worthy.

  3. Wow, y'all are making me blush! Thanks so much for your kind words, Linda, you made my day. And, Molly, I hope your writing is going well :)

    Susan Yates

  4. Three days?! I would be impossible to live with!

    Yay Linda!