If Only She Could Talk

Monday, April 26, 2010

(Lydia at eleven weeks)

Ooh...Ahh...Whatever could that thing be up there?

A bird? A plane? Superman?

Nope. It's just a toucan, monkey and tree frog. But still...how fascinating.

Yes, I know. I'm gorgeous in summer apparel, right?

This outfit is so not working for me. Put the other back on. Mom!

Ahh. Much better. But seriously. Last picture. No More.

Mother, weren't you listening? Last picture. And enough of the hat. The hat has to go.


  1. She is adorable, Linda!! Thanks for sharing pictures. I have a whole photo album for each of my children just with 1st year pictures! Go wild with it, and enjoy every moment!

  2. She's a beauty, Linda. I love the pictures of her watching the mobile. Such interest and wonder!

  3. Hi Linda, love these, thanks for sharing! Cheers~

  4. She is so precious! Thanks for sharing pictures with us. How fun you got to play dress up with her :)

  5. What a cute baby! And such a sweet temperament...*grin*

  6. Hi Jody! I'm definitely going a little insane with the picture-taking.

    Linda - I love those pictures too. It's amazing to watch her grow and develope and become more and more aware of the things around her.

    Thank you, Nancy, Cindy & Jennifer. I have to agree with all of you.

    And Jessica, she can certainly go from hot to cold in her temperment...quickly too! One second, she'll be grinning up at you, the next she'll be screaming for food!

  7. She's adorable. You must be in heaven.

    My girls never liked to be dressed up. Kim's the only one now who likes girly things. And also my granddaughter Crystal.

  8. So sweet! I miss my baby girl being that age. It's special enjoy!