Where's the LIKE Button?

Friday, April 9, 2010
Maybe I've been spoiled too much by Facebook, but who's with me when I say, Blogger needs a "Like" button?

Seriously. I love to go on Facebook, read everyone's comments, and then simply press that link button called LIKE. I don't have to think up something witty or encouraging to say in return; I'm simply letting that person know I read their article and enjoyed it.

Many times, I visit other blogs and am soooooo entertained or inspired by their post, I feel like I SIMPLY MUST leave some kind of comment to let them know how much I appreciated their words. But honestly, they might've said everything so beautifully, there's really nothing for me to include except maybe, "thank you so much for enriching my life with your post."

Other times, I feel like I really have to leave a comment because I ALWAYS visit their blog, and I usually leave a comment; I don't want them to think I've suddenly deserted them. They need to know I stopped by, right?

That's the beauty of Facebook. There's a place to leave a comment if you'd like to input something, but there's that nice little LIKE button too just to let that blogger know they're appreciated.

OR does Blogger already a button like that, and I'm just oblivious to it? Man, that would be embarrassing.


  1. I absolutely agree with you. LIKE!!! :O)


  2. I agree, too. But, I think there is a way you can go into setting at blogger and select that option when setting up your comment section. I'm too technology challenged to figure it out though.

    Love your picture with the baby, Linda.

  3. Hahaha!! One of the best posts ever. I can't tell you how many times I've thought this exact thing. I'm a total drive-by liker on Facebook. How lovely it would be to do the same on blogger. I must tweet this now.

    Love the Friday Forward idea. First time I've seen that. I'm hooked. Now a follower ;)

  4. Wow, Oh, Wow, I have a LIKE button!! Thanks go Linda Laroque and Nancy J. Parra for helping me figure it out!! You guys are amazing.

    I never thought to look in the "Layouts" section under Edit on the Blog Posts.

  5. I'm such a facebook newbie, I haven't found the like button yet.

  6. Love the post! So true. Okay, I clicked your "Like" button, but unlike Facebook, I don't see that it tells you it was me that clicked it. Does it do that on your end? Just curious...

    Anyway, I like you :)

  7. I LOVE the LIKE button. Blogger definitely needs one!


  8. I think you should pass this on to the friendly people at facebook. :)

  9. Heather, you're right...I can't see who pushed like. Oh well. It's still fun to have there. Thanks for stopping by everyone.