Creative Award Contest WINNER!

Monday, May 31, 2010
I have a WINNER for my creative award contest.

Nancy J. Parra guessed it right.

I told six truths and one lie. The lie was #3. My kitchen is NOT decorated in sunflowers but GRAPES.

Thanks everyone for playing. This was fun. Nancy, I'll be sending you a copy of Lisa Kleypas's newest release, Married by Morning. I just finished my copy this Saturday. Loved it.


Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day.


  1. I went back and looked at your truths.... good list to confuse us! :O)

  2. Oh, yay!! :D Thank you, thank you, I am so excited.

    This was a tough one. Glad I got to play. Hope your Memorial day is fabulous. Cheers~
    Oh my gosh-lol, my word verification is blastful. As in this was a blast!

  3. I have grapes in mine too. :-)
    Congrats Nancy!

  4. Congrats, Nancy!

    I had a busy Memorial Day weekend--especially when I wasn't supposed to have any plans! :)