Friday, May 7, 2010
Happy May to everyone. Sorry, I'm a couple days late; I've been hunkered down in my lair, actually writing, and man does it feel good to create something new again. It's fresh and exciting and reminds me why I love to write so much. I've also submitted a couple manuscripts to different places. Feels like I'm back in the publishing game. Hopefully, I'll have some good news--like selling another book--in a couple months (cross your fingers)!

In other corners of my life, my little girl is three months old, and she's getting so big. We've had to move up clothing sizes twice now. I don't think she realizes she's still a baby though. She only wants to sit upright these days, can't stand it when you want to cradle her on her back. Ugg. I'm not ready for her to be quite this independent just yet.

I've returned to my day job. Actually, I returned about six weeks ago, but I'm back in the grove there, and going to visit my daughter everyday on my lunch break.

The hubby is ready for summer. His job's been keeping him busy and he can't wait for a break. Usually, he likes to ride his Harley when the weather warms, but since someone he knows recently died in a motorcycle accident, he's been thinking about trading his wheels in for something else. I try not to input my opinions about that and let him make up his own mind, though on one hand, I've love for him to be as safe as possible and sell the dangerous beast, on the other hand he looks really good all leathered up and straddling his hog.

Time has become a precious commodity in my world. Seems like everything I do makes me feel guilty. If I take the time to play with my baby, I think I should be cleaning the house. If I clean the house, I wonder if the husband needs some hubby-time. If I pay attention to him, I worry I need to work on my stories. If I work on my stories, I feel like I'm ignoring my baby. And around the cycle goes again. My blog time has suffered the most. But I try to slip a quick trip through blogosphere when I can.

Yep, I've become extremely domesticated, but I'm lovin' every second of it. I hope your life is progressing to your satisfaction.


  1. Everything in balance. You are a great woman and being a wonderful wife and mom. :O)

  2. Awww, sounds like you have nothing to feel guilty over. :-) Everything has it's place and nothing will be perfect. :-) Three months, time flies!

  3. You guys are way to nice, but thanks! Hope you have a great mother's day.

  4. Yay, your first Mother's Day this week!

    Well, try not to feel guilty. It's a common trait of new moms and it just means that you're doing everything just how it needs to be done. Have a great weekend!

  5. Tell you what, take a few minutes and have breakfast/lunch with me on Sunday. I'm coming down this weekend. Give me a call! We can expand on that guilt by doing something for YOU!!!

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