Those Bulky-Armed Heroes

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I recently noticed in the past three manuscripts I completed, I have the hero carrying the heroine somewhere after she hurts her ankle.

I can't figure out if this means I've fallen into some kind of clich├ęd rut, or if my psyche is trying to tell me something.

In any case, I loved every instance, and I'm not taking them out, so hmmph!

What say you? Is the hero carrying the heroine around totally lame, cheesy, goes against all feminine rights, or sigh...absolutely romantic?

I fall under the romantic school of thought, of course. I just loved it in Gone with the Wind, Sense and Sensibility and even in Twilight (both of Jacob's and Edward's carrying turns). There's just something sweet and yet utterly tummy-swirling about cuddling up to a nice, strong chest and being pampered a bit.

Though seriously, I should probably come up with something new in my next story, huh? Or hey, maybe it could become my new signature scene. Yes, here comes "the bulky-armed hero carrying his heroine" move. Classic Linda Kage style from her early works.

No? Okay, I'll tame down on them then. Sheesh. It's just so much fun to write sorta the same scene in different books; each one has different charcters, flair, mood, style. Makes me feel almost artistic to come up with different ways to say the same thing. Except, yeah, I bet readers are all like, "Hey, you already did that. THREE TIMES."

So, here's my new challenge to myself: No more hero-carrying-heroine scenes...for now!


  1. I think it's romantic. Some strong man carrying you away from danger, to safety, for help... If it works, don't feel that you have to change it, different stories, different characters, different reasons. Now if it was all because they female lead sprained her ankle then a reader might think something but otherwise I don't think so! ;)

  2. Well, let's see, in the first story, the heroine had just escaped from a serial killer (who'd kicked her ankle and hurt it) and hero-man was the deputy who found her running naked through the woods. He carries her through the heat back to his patrol car.

    In the next story, the heroine is standing on a step stool trying to tack up an extension cord around a doorway, spots the hunky hero and falls off said-step stool in her adoration. He carries her out to his car and takes her to the hospital.

    In the third story (not yet finished), it's the prologue where the main characters are young. She's like nine and falls in a culvert when bicycling home. He uses his sixth, telepathic sense to find her and then carry her home.

    Are those reasons different enough?

  3. Funny that you didn't notice it when you were doing it THREE TIMES. It may just be your thing. I've seen a lot of holding the girl on the guy's lap to comfort her scenes lately. A different feel to the scene but still snuggly. :O)

  4. If it's properly motivated, then it's necessary and I think, very romantic! I probably love those scenes since I myself am too big to be carried (not really overweight, just very tall, lol). Anyway, I love those scenes but since you did it 3 times, yes, I'd guess your subconscious is telling you something. LOL

  5. My heroine supported the hero as he struggled to walk after being shot. Does that count?

    My 'in every story' downfall is a party. Will not have a party in my new one. Will not, will not, will not.

  6. All totally different. I think you're safe!!! ;)

  7. Don't feel bad. I just realized 'someone's sibling has committed suicide' seems to be my trademark thing. It happened in my last novel. It happened in my WIP. And it was going to happen in my new project (okay, that was the mc's brother's girlfriend, but still). In each situation, the suicide angle fit perfectly. Grrr.

  8. Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to carry along similar things through many books! Though I think Jessica is right; my subconscious might be telling me I'm a bit self-conscious about being 5'11" tall!

    Thanks, Marie. Safe is good!