Cover - The Best Mistake

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Here is the final cover for my humorous contemporary novella, THE BEST MISTAKE! It was designed by artist Debby Taylor.

When I first saw this cover a few weeks ago on her site, before any official cover was sent to me, ta different couple graced the forefront. But I guess that couple didn't past muster, because this is the couple that was on it when I got it.

I guess I could see why the first couple didn't work. The heroine was much too skinny, and my heroine is by no means a toothpick in the book. Then, the hero is supposed to have blond hair, which was extra dark on the first couple. (though I have to confess; I thought the first cover hero was better looking--I know, shame on me). The heroine on the first cover wore a beautiful blue dress, and the fancy dress she wears in the story is blue, so that actually fit better. But, I dunno. This is how it ended. So.... ta da!

I also have a release day for THE BEST MISTAKE. It will be available exclusively in ebook on MARCH 14, 2012 at The Wild Rose Press.

In other Linda Kage writing news, I found a new review on The Romance Studio website for The Trouble for Tomboys, which has been out for over a year now. What a happy surprise. Here's what Jaye over at TRS had to say:

"At first, B.J. Gilmore's rough talk put me off. However, I soon realized that, underneath the gruff exterior, was a kind, loving and very feminine woman. The author has done an excellent job in creating the backgrounds for the main characters. B.J.'s tomboy characteristics, which come from growing up with a father and brothers, but no mother, are well defined and natural to her character. The grieving widower's actions are also realistic and well drawn. The author has written two characters who balance each other beautifully. The settings are excellent, putting the reader right in the scenes, the emotions beautifully done. I loved the way the writer dealt with B.J.'s lack of knowledge of how a female should act. The main characters battle their way into loving one another, right up to a wonderful conclusion.

I really loved this book, and definitely grew to care for the characters."

Then to top that off, The Long and Short of it Reviews just contacted me with yet another review. My sweet romance, A Man for Mia, fell under the gun for this one. But, whew, she passed with a 4-star rating as well. Poinsettia had so many nice things to say, I can't post it all without having a super long blog, so I'll just show you a glimpse of the last two concluding paragraphs. And here they are:

"A Man for Mia certainly deals with a lot of serious issues. Infidelity, abandonment, and death are all touched on. However, I must say that Ms. Kage sprinkled in just the right amount of lighter scenes to keep the story from being too ponderous. I particularly like the scene when Mia and Drew go out on their “not date” and have pizza. When Mia and Drew finally relax and flirt a little, sparks fly. I really felt that was when they started to click as a couple, and I eagerly anticipated their happy ending.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to read A Man for Mia. I recommend it to anyone seeking a touching story of love, loss, and hope. Read it with a box of tissues close at hand."


  1. Congrats on all the good news. I like this cover too. The couple looks like they're having fun together.


  2. Wow, what a great review for Trouble!! Congrats on the cover and I know what you mean. My cover is lovely but some of the details don't quite match the book. I hear that's normal though. :-)

  3. Congrats on the good review!!! What a great surprise. I think the couple really looks like they are enjoying themselves. Congrats!!!

  4. Love that cover!!! And congrats on the reviews:)

  5. Your cover is so cute!! Love it!

    And wow, don't you just love suprise reviews like that? Congrats!!