We Survived the Earthquake!

Monday, November 7, 2011
There was a small earthquake in central Oklahoma on Saturday night, and apparently some people in my area felt the tremor. Cool, huh?

This morning, when I dropped the kiddo off at my mother-in-law's who babysits her while I'm at work (I know, I'm a lucky SOB, huh? Or would I be a DOB since I'm a girl?...shrug), she immediately asked if we survived the earthquake.

She felt it herself at about 11pm on Saturday night. She and her hubby were watching the late news, and they were talking about the quake in OK on the television. About that time, my in-laws heard the rumble, like thunder (though it wasn't stormy at all), their dishes rattled, and the TV flickered off.

I was dead asleep by 11pm, so I heard and felt nothing.

And that's my big earthquake story, coming at you from Southeast Kansas.

If you can't tell, not much is going on with me. Been busy in my writing cave...writing.

Happy Monday!


  1. There's nothing wrong with being in the writing cave! Glad you were asleep and everything was ok!!

  2. We had an earthquake in NJ this past summer. I thought for sure my father-in-law was joking around and shaking my chair. Very weird feeling.