Recovered Yet?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
I still feel like I'm dragging from the holiday break.

I didn't even do that much. On Wednesday night, we had a girls' night (okay, two boys came along) and watched Breaking Dawn at the theater. Thursday was turkey at two family stops. Friday, yeah, was lazy day at home with the family. Then Saturday was a freezing, rainy, windy but really fun football game with the husband. Of course, on Sunday, little kiddo got sick from being around so many people on Thanksgiving. Then, Monday, I was so busy trying to work on the story edits I didn't get done over the holidays, I didn't have time to blog visit anyone.

Now it's time to catch up, and the more I try to get done, the more things pile up higher. I think I need another break...but maybe not a "holiday" break!!

Anyway, due to popular demand from the comments on my last blog, I guess I'll tell you all a little about The Right to Remain Mine, which is my next release coming out in February.

It's about the lovely lady lawyer, Willow DeVane, who meets big, tough (and sexy) cop Raith Malloy while he's writing out a parking ticket for her car. To say the least, their relationship gets off to a rocky start.

They argue every time they see each other. But after she's attacked, he argues with her, prodding her into agreeing to take from self defense lessons from him. From there, they argue themselves right into bed with each other, then argue themselves into a kind of sort of relationship. Of course, they argue themselves right back out of the kind of sort of relationship until she learns there's a stalker out to get her. And they argue themselves into each others' arms once again.

If you can't tell, they argue a lot!! I've never written two more stubborn people than Willow and Raith.

And that's a little bit of what the story is about. How are all you guys faring after your holiday "break"?


  1. I'm fine. The holiday hardly affected me but I still feel behind. I'm starting to get used to that feeling. Heh. Your cover is great and I love when two argue. Good tension!

  2. Sounds like a great story! I'm still behind. I have enough to keep three people busy for a few months. Not sure how I'll do it all.

  3. I had a baby break today so I made some headway with things I let slip over the last few weeks. I need another day to really catch up!

    Can't wait to read the new story...darn having to wait to Feb.


  4. How awesome, girl. You perhaps live near moi, aussi. You may copy anything offa our blogs you so desire -IF- I can kiss your adorable feets in the Great Beyond, cool? Cool. See ya soon, miss gorgeous babe.