Do you...?

Monday, November 14, 2011
Do you ever find yourself with too much to do any never enough time to do it? You wish you had more hands to accomplish all your goals? Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? Do I sound like a cheesy advertisement that’s going to next ask you to send me a hundred bucks in return for a tacky self-help pamphlet?

Well, feel free to send me money; I could use the cash! (Hey a girl can try). But don’t expect a self-help pamphlet in return. Actually, I could use a handy self-help pamphlet myself (though I won’t be sending anyone a hundred bucks for it!!). 

There’s just so much to do and I never get any of it done. And if I do accomplish something, I always feel so guilty because I know I should’ve spent that time doing something more productive elsewhere.
I read all these blogs about people needing more time to write. Well, I think I’m in the opposite boat right now. I’ve been writing…too much. Nothing else is getting done. And whenever I try to sneak off to write, I’m discovered in, like, thirty seconds. Which only makes me feel more guilty about all this writing I can't stop doing.

Yesterday, the family was camped out on the couch: my husband was watching football on TV, the kid had thieved my iPad and was watching PBS Kids clips. When the hubby fell asleep and the girl grew engrossed in Cat in the Hat, I snuck off. Two minutes later, the hubby’s yelling, the kid’s crying and my fingers are typing as fast as they can to squeeze in two more sentences before a little toddler is crawling into my lap and trying to reach for everything on the desk and the husband is scowling in the doorway asking, “Where’d you go?”

Geesh. So the house is a mess, the fam’s feeling neglected, and work is slipping….how do I make myself give the writing time a little breaky-poo so I can concentrate on REAL LIFE for a while??

Sigh, I feel like such a mess. Will be happy when this hectic era passes, yet I’m sure I’ll miss it once it’s gone.


  1. I say just go with it, because as writer's we know that sometimes we can't write a single word thanks to writer's block.


  2. All the time. I just go with it, like Anonymous Amber said. It's not my choice, but I haven't found any other way that works better.

  3. I agree with the other ladies. Just go with it. I would love to be writing too much around now.

  4. Do what you can, the rest will be there for tomorrow. Sometimes I just take care of whatever fire needs my attention most. Maybe a laptop on the couch next to the family to be closer to the action. :O)

  5. The writing must be done or else the head will explode and the heart die.


  6. LOL:) Yes, just go with it! During one of my writing frenzies, I even took my notebook and pen to CHURCH because the characters would not stop talking to me! I'm overdue for another one; my last one was in 2007. The spouse was working away from home; my teenagers would come home from school and need the computer for homework; I'd print out the last page of what I was working on and disappear to Starbucks for two hours. Then return home, do the Mommy thing, and pick up the writing again as soon as the kids were in bed or engrossed in the TV after dinner.

    There's an idea....want to write my next one for me? LOL:)

  7. I wan kinda hoping you all would tell me how I can do EVERYTHING. LOL! Oh well, one thing at a time, I guess!