All the Good Ones Are Already Taken

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Do you ever feel like really famous authors steal character names? Like an amazing athlete, we now have to retire that jersey.

Seriously, will anyone ever be able to have a heroine named Scarlett without every reader thinking of Gone with the Wind?

I read a wolf shape-shifter story my critique partner wrote a few years back (great story, by the way!) and the hero's name was Jacob. So, of course, I pictured the wolf shape-shifter from Twilight the whole time, thinking Taylor Lautner is WAY too young to be doing some of this stuff, I don't care how yummy his teenage chest is! Of course, my friend hadn't read the Twilight books, so she wasn't similarly affected, but I was sure some other readers would be.

Which comes to the point of my pondering.  Christian was my great-grandfather's name and I just love it; I want--really bad--to make the hero in my story be "Christian".  But with the most-talked about book selling at the number one spot today with a Christian as the main character, will every reader out there picture a messed up, kinky, control freak billionaire instead of the shy young adult teen I want to portray?

I don't want to change his name.  *pout, pout, pout* But honestly, do you think that would be wise?


  1. I say go for it. You love the name so use it. If he's a young adult teen I HOPE they aren't thinking the other Christian.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  2. Don't change the name. If we had to change the names of our characters every time, there would be no names to use. Use the name, the "other Christian" is a fad. Also if you are writing a YA book, hopefully the main audience is not the same.

    1. Thanks, Marie. You and Amber think a lot alike!

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    1. I don't care if you all are just telling me what I want to hear; I'm totally digging your advice! Thanks, Carol.