Toothless No More

Monday, August 20, 2012
Almost exactly a year ago, the dentist stole one of my teeth. Guess he thought he needed it more than I did, though the cavity-ridden baby tooth that never fell out hadn't done me much good except give me an abscess.

So I've been going around with this gap back there about five teeth back where no one can see it. This last Friday, however, I got preliminary work done for a bridge. Did you know to get a bridge, they have to sand down the two teeth on either side of the gap and pretty much put three fake teeth in there.  Well, I didn't know that.  Quite the shocker.

I got four shots to numb the area, but before my two and half hours was up with them, I could feel stuff where I don't think I should've been feeling anything. One of my new little nub teeth that got shaved down began to throb like crazy.  And after they packed quartz (at least I swear they called it quartz) in around my gums, my jaws were aching from being open for so long. By the time I picked up the kiddo afterward, I had a nice headache to go with it.

The husband was in a mood when we got home because he had to go into work...on his day off. And the two-year-old hadn't had enough of a nap, so she was crabby too. Her dad kept telling her to settle down because mama didn't feel good. She didn't understand until I told her I was "sick."

Upon hearing the word "sick," she had to pull out her Fisher-Price medical kit to make me feel better. After she checked my heartbeat, velcroed the blood pressure cuff around my wrist, gave me a shot from her plastic needle, and gagged me with her otoscope, I finally took two Ibuprofen and within five minutes, I felt pretty darn good.

And I haven't felt any pain since. Which makes me wonder...why didn't I take the drugs as soon as I got home?? Seriously!

Anyway, the mold they took of my teeth has been sent to the lab and I should have a nice new crown on September 4th!  For now, there's a temporary filler in there that looks like a piece of  dried out, white gum someone tried to mold into teeth.  I've made my tongue sore, investigating the area.  But it just feels so funny with all those new bumps and grooves in there.

So yeah, that's what's been going on in the exciting life of Linda Kage!!! Oh, and I actually got some writing done this weekend, and a minor bit of reading too.

Then today, a blogger I'd sent an advanced reading copy of THE COLOR OF GRACE to totally made my day by sending me an email. She'd started reading my story for review this morning and she finished it by noon. She said she'd only intended to get in one or two chapters today. But once she started, she had to read the whole thing.  Yeah, I'm pretty much over the moon right now. The week has started good!!!

Anything new or happy happening in your world?

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  1. I'm so sorry about the bridge but your daughter is adorable. :-) I hope things go well! And congrats on the e-mail!!
    All my kiddos are starting school and I'll be heading up to KY at the end of the week to meet a new nephew. :-)