Deletion Doldrums

Friday, August 17, 2012
Have you ever deleted something in your story you just LOVE, something that made you feel witty and brilliant for even creating it, but you know it was unneeded or redundant or whatever, so it had to go?  Well, I have.  A lot.  My latest slaughtered preciousssss is still calling out to me, making me miss it more and more.  So I just gotta share it, here and now, with you. That way, I'll feel as if it at least had a chance to free it's beautiful little voice.

Thank you so much for sharing this moment with me!

Okay, so leading up to this line, my heroine Grace has a boy flirt with her, right.  Afterward, she runs off to tell her friend about it.  When she points him out to her buddy Bridget, Bridget says....

“Holy Hosanna, Grace. He’s gorgeous. Just gorgeous.” She patted me approvingly as if it were my fault Ryder Yates was gorgeous.

His looks were his own doings, of course. It wasn’t as if I’d formed him out of clay with my bare hands. But Bridget seemed determined to congratulate me on a job well done.

And the redundant lines I had to massacre was that entire second paragraph there. It's gone.  ALL GONE!  Oooooh (that's my howl of acute pain, by the way).  I miss it.  I miss it so much.

Do you have any beloved lines you had to vanquish? Please share them now.  I'd love to hear those beautiful deleted words. Heck, we can call this a spontaneous Authors Anonymous meeting if you like.

If not, okay. Keep them to yourself then! But have a nice Friday anyway!


  1. I'm sure I do, but can't find them at this moment. :)

    Love the scene...sorry you had to cut it.

  2. It always stings to kill our darlings, but we have to. I usually try everything I can to talk myself out of it, but all my talk rarely works. And out they go.