Merry Christmas 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012
From my house to yours, I wish you all a very merry Christmas tomorrow!!!

May you have lots of books in your stocking, or at least lots of gift cards to buy lots of books!

I'm off work at the day job this week, so I'll be enjoying some time with my family and probably reading, due to all the purchases I'll be making on the Kindle gift card I already know I'm getting for Christmas from my wonderful, amazing husband!!

I finally have all my Christmas shopping done and all my Christmas cards sent out! Yeah, me! This silly pose was the kiddo's favorite picture to take for our Christmas card pictures.

She's been begging for two weeks to open all her presents under the tree. It's the first year she's really been aware of Christmas, so it's a blast to watch her get so excited about all the decorating and present opening.

The hubby and I had a little too much fun buying presents for her too. Since Little Miss Personality has developed such a personality, we kept saying "She'd love this, oh, she'd love this," in just about every aisle of Toys R Us that we shopped.

But seriously, she is so going to love the things we got her!

I hope you love your Christmas holiday as well. God bless and take care.