Happy December!

Monday, December 3, 2012
Please tell me it's not December yet.  I'm not ready!!!

I don't have any Christmas shopping done.  I don't have have my Christmas cards (bluck) prepared.  I didn't reach the November NaNoWriMo goal (if I'd been in Nano). I only wrote 31,000 words. 

So, really, what HAVE I done?

Don't you just love December?! Cuddling in front of the fire place (or you know, in front of the TV). Hot apple cider. Happy holiday music (my two-year-old is learning Jingle Bells. It's so cute). Warm fuzzy sweaters. And looking back to see what you've accomplished.

I think I've finished less things than I haven't finished this year.  But that's kind of a depressing thought, so I'll list what I HAVE done to make myself feel a little better!!

--I finished writing three stories (one 93,000-word story, one 85,000-word story, and one 60,000-word story). YAY!

--I've taught my kiddo how to do the hokey pokey AND the chicken dance (she still needs work, but what she lacks in coordination, she totally makes up for in enthusiasm!)

--I reached my Goodreads reading challenge and have read 73 books so far, when I only challenged myself to read 70 this year!

--and I've...hmmm.  Well, I'm sure I've done something else that needs some kind of grand recognition, but I can't think what it is yet.  Have to get back to you on that one.

So, there's my list of 2012 accomplishments.  What have you done this year that you'd like to brag about?? 

**Oh, and hey, I also received a happy review on Clean Romance Reviews today.  Check that sweet baby out!**


  1. Great review!

    I think you accomplished more than I did. But I did publish my debut novel :)

    1. Debut novels are a HUGE accomplishment!! I can't wait for the Solomon story.

  2. OMG you've done a lot!!!! Go Lydia. :)

    1. You should see her wiggle her hips in the chicen dance. It's adorable!

  3. That is a lovely review and it looks like you've accomplished a lot! Congratulations. :)What have I done...I may take your cue and turn it into a blog post. :)

  4. Sweet review!!

    That's a lot you've done!