Happy Tornado Season!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
HI!! It's a bright, cheery Tuesday morning here, but we have our first threat of the season for a possible tornado this evening. Have to wait to see how that plays out (hopefully, with a nice, gentle rain shower and no twisty winds!). Just yesterday, my hubby bought us two new red bud trees, so I'm praying they don't get damaged.

In my writing corner, I have all kinds of stuff going on. I received paperback copies of both ADDICTED TO ANSLEY and A FALLOW HEART. The lovely Lydia is displaying them for your viewing pleasure below. Oh, and I tossed it a picture of one of the people she draws, because they're just too cute not to share!

Okay, back to book talk...One of my publishers is going out of business in June.  I know...sniff, sniff, sob, sob.  This is one of my favorite publishers too. They always paid royalties early, treated authors with courtesy and respect, had an editor AND a proofreader go over each story before publication. They even sent out personal letters when  you were selling good to congratulate you.  I'm definitely going to miss them.

But this means I'll have stories going out of print soon. I've decided to self-publish them in July. I've contacted a couple cover artists for new covers, and Amber Skyze (who just signed a contract on a new story...YAY!) was a huge help in getting me some formatting information.

I think this will be good practice for when my big PRICE OF A KISS story is ready to be published later on in August or September.  On that story, I'm reading through it one last time before I send it off to my editor. 

The story I have coming out from Omnific Publishing has started its editing phase, and I've filled out a cover art form for it. I think it's going to stick with the title CRY because no one has said anything different.

And I've been coming up with plot ideas for lots of new stories. Nothing has really grabbed me yet and made me work on it exclusively, but I am having trouble on a title for this one that's been whirling through my brain. What to you think of A GLIMPSE OF LOVE.  My family nixed A Glimpse of Us, Glimpsing Forever, and A Glimpse Come True. (Yes, is HAS to have 'glimpse' in the title!!!). Ooh, I just thought of ONCE UPON A GLIMPSE. Does that sound like it could be a YA romance book??

So that's what's been going on with me these past couple of weeks. What have you been up to?


  1. Lydia is so cute!

    Sorry to hear about your favorite publisher :(

    I like Once Upon a Glimpse!

  2. I'm happy to help. Sorry about the publisher. It can't be easy losing one you love.

    I like A Glimpse of Love.