New Hobby

Friday, April 26, 2013
So, when I'm not writing stories, watching my never-wants-to-do-anything-by-herself three-year-old, working my full time job, editing, reading other people's stories, up keeping my online networking presence, or occasionally doing a little cooking and cleaning, I know you're just DYING to know what I do in all my free time.


Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

The husband loves it whenever I do something with him that he likes to do, so when I told him I'd absolutely love to go see a play or musical someday, he gave me a dirty look and told me, "good luck with that."  Then, a few years later, about a month ago, I told him archery might be kind of cool to learn. So, the very next day, I came home from work to find he'd bought me a new bow!

He even got a bunch of cool purple and pink gadgets to make it look all girly for me, saying "I never thought I'd get into customizing a bow before." But he totally got into it this time! It was like watching my niece go down the fingernail painting aisle at Wal-mart. I call all the pink and purple stuff my bow bling!!

Anyway, I know you're super curious to know...just how good of a shot am I?

Well, I'm no Katniss Everdeen, that's for darn sure.

So far, I pretty much suck. It was really embarrassing when I first tried to pull back the string for the first time. Couldn't even pull it back. So the hubs adjusted the setting until I could pull back forty pounds, since this fancy pants bow (called a Diamond Core, if you're curious) can be adjusted from forty to seventy pounds (whatever that means!).

Eventually, I learned how to pull it back, NOT to dry fire it, to find all my anchor points, and keep my draw firm.  The first time I flung and arrow, from ten yards...I totally missed the target. I am now down from five arrows to four, since one has been forever eaten by the field by our house. 

I didn't give up though. No, no. I kept shooting. And the husband kept adjusting sights and the peep and all that good stuff to set it up to my specifications.  After I became used to drawing back forty pounds, he moved it up to fifty...without telling me (but I can still do it, oh yeah, building up a little arm muscle!).

And can shoot at twenty yards.  Yesterday, I shot my first decent pattern. I dropped one arrow a little (we'll blame the wind on that one because it WAS really windy). 

And now I gotta brag.  Just look at that group! Isn't it totally amazing?  Well it's the best I've done yet. By looking at all the holes in the target, you can probably tell that I usually don't even get close to the bulls eye.

What are some things you do when your life is not in a state of total-chaos busy??


  1. Oh, this is SO cool! I suck at archery, but I'm a good shot with a rifle and pretty good with a handgun. It's so cool you can do this with Husband, too :)

  2. Very cool. Isn't funny how husbands become motivated when it's something they are also interested in. Great grouping...

  3. Ha! THAT IS SO COOL!! I want to do archery now. LOL

    Actually, I'm thinking of taking some Spanish classes at my local library.