New Cover : How to Resist Prince Charming

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
At the end of June, my 2010 story How to Resist Prince Charming will no longer be available through its publisher.
So, I have decided to re-release it in July by myself once all the publishing rights revert back to me.

There will be new/altered scenes.

It will have a more affordable price.

The genre will be reclassified as Mature New Adult Romance.

It will be available in both ebook (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomance Ebooks, and Smashwords) and print (CreateSpace).

And even though the cover artist for the current edition has let me use this cover for future publications, I thought with all the other new features it's getting, it needed a new look too.

So, I browsed around and contacted StanzAlone Design for some help. This woman is a saint, I kid you not. I don't know how many times I made her alter things because I got all font picky. But we finally settled on something that made me say, "Oh yeah, I'll take that one!" And life was good.

So....introducing the future look of HOW TO RESIST PRINCE CHARMING:


To resist the perfect man, please follow these simple rules:

Step 1: Never make eye contact.
Step 2: Never smile at him.
Step 3: Never agree to anything he suggests.

Or better yet, just follow Lenna Davenport's example and give in to temptation, sparking a whole tangle of passion, forbidden romance, mounting secrets and deceit. She meets her prince charming at her father’s company Christmas party. Problem is he happens to be her dad’s new boss. Worse problem is, her dad totally hates him.

But what Daddy doesn’t know…

Braxton Farris takes over Farris Industries out of family obligation and expects his new employees might resent his youth and inexperience. What he doesn’t anticipate is the level of contempt Tom Davenport carries for him. Nor does he count on falling for Tom’s daughter. When he and Lenna start a secret affair, a disaster of corporate proportions is bound to follow. But to be together, they must decide if the fallout is worth it.


  1. I love that cover! And what an exciting adventure. Best wishes, Linda. Oh...Braxton is a wonderful name, my son's name. : )