Goodbye July

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
This has been a record-breaking month for me.

I published my first self-published stories, I made it to the top 114 (I know, just 14 away from the top 100--so close!!) on Amazon Kindle books, and I got my second-to-worst case of poison ivy, all in this month. Okay, that poison ivy one wasn't exactly record-breaking, but second place needs recognition sometimes too!!

Coming up in August (even though I know we have two more days to go of July):  Price of a Kiss will have it's big cover reveal one week from today.  And my baby girl starts pre-school!  Can you just believe that? Seems like only yesterday I was anxious to find out if she was going to be a girl or a boy, and now she's getting ready for pre-school.

Sniff, sniff!

I can't decide if she's going to be a singer, dancer, or meteorologist. She's always dancing around the place and singing whenever she's doing pretty much anything.  But I've never met a three-year-old so in tuned to the weather.  She even likes to get on the iPad and check the weather map. If she spots rain coverage anywhere in the world, she gets excited. "Mama, it's raining. It's raining!" And I'm all like, "Yeah.  Two thousand miles away."

When I was driving us home for work last night, she was gazing out the car window at the clouds and said, "I think it's going to rain."  And she was right. It rained so hard at our house last night, it knocked out the electricity I don't remember how many times, which really got the kiddo going.  She had to call daddy at work to see if he was okay because she was worried" about him. Then she asked when he was coming home so he could come protect us. It was too cute to listen to.

Back to writing news: I'm really happy about how well people are liking Fighting Fate.  I'm so glad because it really is one of my favorites.

And that's all I have to say today!  Stay dry.

There are five weeks to go until PRICE OF A KISS is released for the world to read. But you can get started today by taking in a sneak peek quote from my wonky heroine, Reese:


  1. Preschool! Wow!!

    Glad your poison ivy is history. And congrats on all your July achievements!

  2. Preschool???? That went quick.

    Congrats on all the great July accomplishments. :) Except the poison ivy of course.

  3. My little one is a singer too. Sings every chance she gets...oh, and loves dancing to any beat. Her father was hoping for a sports lover, but I think he has a future dancer on his hands. lol

  4. Congratulations on a record breaking July! Except for the poison ivy...that's just a mean thing to happen...Here's to a fantastic August!

  5. Hey..I know a school that has a top notch Meteorology program! It's never too early to start recruiting, right?! Boomer! ;-)