Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
I finally figured out how to make a book free on Amazon!  I'd been told a couple times to make it free somewhere else and they'll price match. So I tried it with one book, but it didn't take. Last Wednesday, I decided to try again with Kiss it Better. Five days later, Amazon finally offered it for free too!

So, Kiss it Better is free this week on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and AllRomanceEbooks! And now that I know that technique works at least fifty percent of the time, who know which one of my stories will have a freebie run next!

My local author meet-and-greet reception last Monday went well. Lots of family members stopped in to say hi and I actually sold one book to a complete stranger. I know, Go Linda!  Lydia stole the show, though. After she saw me give swag to someone and encourage them to sign up for my win-a-book drawing, she started pushing swag at everyone who passed our table. And no one could turn down a blond-haired, blue-eyed adorable three-year-old, so I had lots of people sign up in my drawing.  Thank you, dear daughter! I didn't have to do anything but smile after that! 

She also saw me sign that one book I sold, so...this weekend, she found my box of books I'd taken to the reception, and she pulled out one of my stories to sign it herself.  Since she's now in pre-school, she's just beginning to learn how to write her name. But I had yet to see her write out every letter in order, until she signed my book. That's why I'm all proud that she vandalized it, instead of upset. She did such a great job!  And it was flattering that she wanted to sign a book like her mama had.

The Y may look like a T, and the A a Q, but I still love it. This here is a treasured little keepsake. 

The coincidence really came when the book she signed was Hot Commodity, which was the first book I dedicated solely to her!

In other writing news, I started working on my story To Professor with Love and I even got it up to 40,000 words written. A certain character name Mason Low made an appearance in Chapter Four, by the way.  But then I received more feedback for my Granton University Book Two, and the professor once again took a back seat. I'm hoping to get the Granton book sent off to my publisher in December so I can get back to work on Noel and Aspen's story. But we'll see.

With that, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week. Eat until you're stuffed; I know I will! I have tons to be thankful for these days. I'm thankful that I have the cutest, sweetest little girl ever and an amazing husband who likes to clean so much that he burns out the belt on our vacuum cleaner. I'm thankful that some people actually like my books I write, and I'm thankful that I can find the time to do what I love most: make up stories!

Have a great week!

Life After by P.A. WARREN *Cover Reveal*

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Today, I'm helping debut author P.A. Warren spread the word about her first book, coming in January!  CONGRATULATIONS!  And here's to many happy sales!

Life After
By P.A Warren
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 2014


Hadley is Lost. Living is a struggle with her family gone, leaving her the lone survivor of a horrible car accident. As Hadley struggles to overcome the grief that comes with the loss of her family, she wonders if she wants to continue living. Life doesn’t feel worth living until she meets Avery. Avery…who makes her want to feel things she shouldn’t so soon after her tragic loss. Avery…who makes her want to live. With Avery’s love, will she be able to overcome the grief or will it consume her?

Hadley with the help of Avery will find that after the storm come the rainbows.

Author Bio:

P.A Warren currently lives in the fine state of North Carolina. She is an avid reader and blogger. P.A Warren first found a love of books while reading The Babysitter Little Sister series by Ann M. Martin and since then hasn’t looked back. Reading everything she could and would get her hands on. Befriending librarians was one of P.A Warren’s favorite things to do. She also has a huge love for Squirrels.

She now has a Kindle and has found gold in Indie Authors. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to write a book. So when she was finally able sit down and put words to paper she was thrilled, and has been writing non-stop since.

You can find her on FACEBOOK.

Author Appearance Tonight!

Monday, November 18, 2013
Tonight (Monday, November 18th), I'll be attending the Local Author Open House and Reception at the Pittsburg Public Library (308 N. Walnut, Pittsburg, KS) from 6pm to 7:30pm, signing books and giving away my stylus/ink pens if anyone in the area wants to drop in and say hey!!

In other news, I'm already getting feedback from my wonderful beta readers for my second Granton University book.  The people (like my family members) who don't say "I wouldn't change a thing," are very contradictory to each other.  One person will have their favorite character and another person will think that's the worst character in a book.  One person will love a scene, while another would like me to delete it. Usually, I'll get a few people who actually agree on a couple points, letting me know which certain areas I need to work on, but this time, it's all over the place. Every comment is totally different. Not only am I freshly reminded just how subjective reader opinion is, but I'm utterly conflicted on what really needs fixed.  Oh well. I'll figure something out!

And I'm so excited!! Last night, I got my first order for someone who wanted to buy one of my pre-made Kage cover. So, I've got two customers under my belt now because someone else has also ordered a custom-made cover from me.  And so it begins...(I've always wanted to say that!!)

Anyway, that's what's up with me today.  I hope I actually get to see some of you at the Pittsburg Public Library tonight! 

Beta Reader Time!!

Friday, November 8, 2013
This is going to be a guess-who day!!

So....guess who finished writing her latest book?  Me!! I did! The rough draft for Book Two in my Granton University series is complete. Whew!  That one seemed to take forever to get through. It's almost 95,000 words long, though, so maybe that had something to do with the timeframe! 

I'm calling it Loving Lies at the moment, but who know what the title will really end up being.  When I was calling the first book Cry, I had this one titled as Ache, but then Cry changed over to Fighting Fate, so I decided Ache probably wouldn't fit either, ergo...Loving Lies it became.

Anyway, now it's time to start picking on all my reader friends to see if anyone is interested in beta reading and telling me what I need to fix and change or, you know, telling me if there's anything likable about it!  So if anyone doesn't mind a few (hundred) typos and a really rough draft, let me know, and I'd love your take on the story.

And guess what else!  Guess who FINALLY got new shoes.  Me!! I did!  But, of course, Lydia decided she needed new shoes too since Mama was getting new shoes, so we got a couple pair of new shoes the other week.

Mine are the purple and black pair.  Hers are the pink and black pair...if you couldn't tell!

And guess who's falling in love with the TV series, ARROW?  Me!  I am!  But holy crap, it's just so...yeah. My sister and niece kept telling me I needed to see it on Netflix, so I finally watched the pilot episode, and wow.  It's like a modern day Robin Hood, and the main guy is so amazing. He's got the damaged, broken character going on perfectly. Looks like he could break into tears any second.  I just want to hug him, like, ninety percent of the time.  But then he gets into these fight scenes, and when the bad ass comes out in him, he's even sexier. **low, appreciative whistle** Lots of angst, and backstory, and drama. It's definitely my type of show!  Only problem: Miss Lydia hates it. Little too violent and dark for her taste, so ho-hum, we usually end up watching The Ultimate Spiderman together.

So that's just a little of what's been up with me!  What's been up with you?