2015 Linda Kage Updates

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
It's been too long since I talked about what's going down in Linda Kage land, so here's a few things coming this year!

With Every Heartbeat-
Book four in the Forbidden series (Quinn's story) is on track (I think!) and should be ready by March 2nd for its release date!  I still have to get edits back from the editor, revise, then send it off to the proofreader, then read it one more time, then get it formatted and THEN it should be ready to go!! It's getting so close, though!  I've been making banners for it!

A Perfect Ten-
I know some people are more ready for Ten's story than Quinn's, but I assure you, Ten actually starts his story in With Every Heartbeat, so you won't be disappointed thinking you won't get any Ten. Oh, he will be in book four!  And to further reassure you...A Perfect Ten (book five in the Forbidden Men series) will release very soon after With Every Heartbeat, like within a month soon. So...cool, right? Am I forgiven for making him go fifth instead of fourth?

Forbidden Men Facebook Group
To help pass the time until March and April, I've been putting up little excerpts and posters about both stories.  And then some lovely reader just started a Forbidden Men Lovers facebook group, so  I've been adding some exclusive excerpts there too!  That group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/741024459279687/ if you want to join! There isn't a lot of activity, so trust me, it wouldn't overwhelm you with lots of posts.

Price of a Kiss Audio Book
Price of a Kiss's audio book on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes is coming along nicely.  It's been narrated and produced, and we're just waiting for it to head to retail stores! I'll announce more on that when it's actually available! :)

Cheap Linda Kage Books
In preparation for With Every Heartbeat and A Perfect Ten, the first three books in the Forbidden Men series will go on sale at different times in February.

Price of a Kiss will be available for $0.99 from February 2nd to February 7th!
To Professor, with Love will be available for $0.99 from February 9th to 21th! And...
Be My Hero will be available for $0.99 from February 23rd to 28th!

There are two reason To Professor, With Love's sale will last two weeks while the other two will last only one.  First, the other two have been on sale before, while this will be TPWL's first time (he's  little nervous about this being his first time, too, but I told him sales are good, it will be okay). And the other reason TPWL's sale is lasting two weeks instead of one is... With Every Heartbeat and A Perfect Ten can hopefully be read as a standalone, but they'll make more sense if you read at least TPWL first, so...that's why that is that, since I knew you were curious (which, okay, you probably weren't!) Anyway...

Stories in Progress
So, after I finished the rough drafts for With Every Heartbeat and A Perfect Ten, I wasn't too certain what to work on next.  I have to write Bailey's story from the Granton University series. I love her hero guy so far, so that could be fun.  But I also have plans for Cassidy and Keller from the story Delinquent Daddy. The scene I have written for that seems fun too, but also kind of steamy. Then there's Sarah and Brandt's story from the Forbidden Men series, and lots of people want a story for Price of a Kiss from Mason's point of view, plus I have a young adult story that's been hanging out in my head for months (I should probably get that out of there soon before it leads to some kind of infection).

And I have to get Asher's book written. He's supposed to be book six in the Forbidden Men series and I still have plans to get him a book out by August, but suddenly...this other story idea came to me, and the main guy in it turned into yet another Forbidden Man, and ack...do you think it'd be terribly, awfully rude of me if I came out with a brand new, never heard-of before Forbidden book and made it book six, which would push Asher's story to the book seven slot??  Let me know your thoughts on that...because this story idea won't leave me alone (the creeper!) and I really want to tell it!

To say the least, there should be plenty more to read from me in the future.  I just have no idea which order they'll be coming in!

Thanks for listening to me yammer on and on!  You'll hear more from me soon! Hugs.