Short Check In

Friday, November 21, 2008
I'm swamped with packing. My computer will be boxed up today, so you probably won't hear from me for a week or two. I haven't learned anything about my contract for selling a book, ergo no new updates there.

Have a great Thanksgiving and don't forget Twilight: The Movie comes out tonight!!

Take Care.

An Author's Biggest News

Friday, November 14, 2008
When you're talking with someone about your spouse or significant other, the most common question to come up, I think, is, "So, how did you meet?"

In the writing world, when you're talking about your book, the big question is, "So, tell us about THE CALL." The Call is when a publisher calls you up and says those magical words, "I want to buy your book," or "I'd like to contract your story."

Well, I can now answer the most-commonly asked author question. I received The Call. There's still so much dazed euphoria, it just feels... unreal. But I'll tell the short, yet fabulous (for me) story anyway.

My call came in e-mail format from The Wild Rose Press ePublisher with an attached contract, ready for my signature, for the selling rights of my story, The Stillburrow Crush, to be put into the Climbing Roses (Young Adult) Line of their publication. The End. Euphoria complete (see previous blog).

So, I say, whenever I settle details and things begin to feel real, we're all going to celebrate by finally having a contest on my website. Be on the look out for prize drawings.

More updates later.

Partial Euphoria

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Hey, hey, hey, everyone. Not sure about your neighborhood, but it’s drizzly and cloudy and chilly here. Perfectly miserable weather, and yet I feel pretty content. My up-and-coming house has been painted with carpet scheduled for installation this week, my health has improved dramatically, and two—count them, TWO—publishers have requested to read two different partial manuscripts of mine in the past seven days. So, you could say it’s a “partial” kind of euphoria I’m feeling (hence the title line. Ha, ha!). And now that I’ve come up with such a corny play on words, I think I’ll sign out for today before I turn any more lame (or would the correct terminology be lamer? Hmm.).

November Nightstand Reviews

Friday, November 7, 2008

I have a bad feeling I won't get the chance to read again until 2009, so I'm glad I was able to get through so many books this month before I have to pack and move into the new house. But, anyway, as you can see, I stuck with my faithfuls again and read mostly romantic suspense and historical romances... but I threw one contemporary romantic comedy into the mix.

Broken Pieces by Carla Cassidy (Romantic Suspense)
Since I've actually met this author and think she's one of the neatest people ever, I would've read this book anyway. But I'm glad I did. If you like those hair-raising, whodunit mysteries, then this story is for you. It's one of those tales where you know the bad guy HAS to be one of the characters you've met. You just have to figure out who it is. Cassidy puts the H in hot on her veterinarian too.

Loose and Easy by Tara Janzen (Romantic Suspense)
#9 in the Steele Street Series, #3 in the Steel Street - Loose - Line. Sexy Johnny Ramos runs with Easy Alex through the streets of Denver during one wild night of Latino gangs, irate bookies, and eccentric rare-painting collectors. This story definitely follows Janzen's fun and fast-paced style.

Now You Die by Roxanne St. Claire (Romantic Suspense)
#6 in the Bullet Catcher Series, #3 in the Bullet Catcher - You - Line. I've seen Lucy in every Bullet Catcher book in St. Claire's series. And now that she gets her turn, I must say, wow... it was well worth the wait. Jack is definitely the man for her. There is some awesome chemistry between these two main characters.

By Love Undone by Suzanne Enoch (Historical Romance)
#1 in the Bancroft Brothers Duology. I'd already read Taming Rafe, which is the second book in this duology, so I was familiar with the hero and heroine, but I'm still glad I was able to see Quin and Maddie get together. Enoch is a master at setting up the most problemed situations. I think they'll never be able to work everything out. And then, bingo, it all slips happily together. Her skill at doing that just blows my mind.

Catch a Mate by Gena Showalter (Contemporary Romance)
I'd only read Showalter's "Darkest" series and seen her from a paranormal aspect. But, holy moley, this woman can do it all. This simple contemporary romance was so funny and so good, I'm still a quiver with delight. I thought the pages of my book were going to burst into flames there was so much steam (sexy and angry steam alike). I love how the two main characters came together from hate to love. It made the story so wonderful.

Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard (Romantic Suspense)
#1 in the Black Ops, Inc. Series (Spin off from the EDEN Bodyguards Series). I met Jenna and Gabe in Gerard's Into the Dark book and knew they were destined to be together. They had some of that love/hate thing going on too. But I really liked getting a glimpse at each of their inner demons and watching them overcome their problems even as they fell for each other.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman by Laura Lee Guhrke (Historical Romance)
#3 in the Girl Bachelor Series. Great book. I thought it was going to be yet another love/hate relationship, and it is... kind of. But it's more like Philip was just keeping all his love a secret. Guhrke did a great job of unraveling his years of deep feelings for Maria. It had one of those gooey, happy endings that just make you sigh with satisfaction.

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas (Historical Romance)
#5 in the Wallflower Series. This story is about Rafe Bowman, who's the big brother of Daisy and Lillian from earlier Wallflower books. His father wants him to meet some prestigious woman to marry, but he ends up falling for her companion, Hannah, instead. This is probably the shortest book that's not in an anthology Kleypas has ever published, but she certainly didn't sacrifice any talent in the word cut. She still put out an amazing story.

TwittErotica Writing Contest

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Ravenous Romance is trying to get the word out... They're having a TwittErotica Contest and giving away a $15.00 gift certificate to the winner. If you're an author who's into writing about the naughty and risque side of romance, this might be a winner for you. Here is Ravenous's official quote about their contest:

"Are u the Twitter Master? Can u get ur message out in 140 characters or less? If so, then prove it. We challenge u to put ur fingers to ur twit & send us ur hot, erotic short, but remember, short is the key... it has 2 fit in2 140 chrctrs...or less! Check back on Dec 1 to read all entries + the winning Tweet!

Winner receives a $15 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance = 3 novels or 15 shorts!


Ready, set...tweet!"

You can also go to for more information about the contest. Or check out to read a little more about WHO Ravenous Romance is.

Pregnant, Smoking Nuns

Monday, November 3, 2008
True story. Well.... okay, I heard it second--maybe third--hand, so I'm not sure how accurate the details are, but it still bears repeating. There was an automobile accident in my county this last Friday evening. A deputy for the sheriff's department was one of the first to reach the scene. When the officer arrived, he found that one party in the accident was a pregnant nun who stood anxiously sucking down a cigarette.

Now, I'm not sure what did not click in his brain... the fact that she was a pregnant nun, that she was pregnant and smoking, or that she was a nun and smoking (I'm not up with my catholic rules, but I'd think not a lot of nuns light up), but obviously nothing there seemed to remind him it was October 31st because he hurried to her and blurted out, "Sister, are you okay?" She must've been fairly okay because with his next question, he asked, "How far along are you?"

Hmm... It took her lifting her shirt far enough to show him she had stuffing on under there to convince him she was merely on her way to a Halloween party.

All I gotta say is, wow, what a great, convincing costume. I so have to put that scene in a book someday.

A Full Moon

Saturday, November 1, 2008
I hope everyone had a great Halloween or has at least recovered from it.

Last Saturday while I was buying paint and bathroom vanities for my house, one of the writing groups I belong to, Mid-American Romance Authors (MARA), had a meeting, inviting special guest Raelene Gorlinsky (Editor for Ellora's Cave Romantica Publishing) to attend. Check out the October 28th Redlines and Deadlines Blog to read all about her experience. I wish I could've been able to make the meeting, but as you know Project If-this-house-doesn't-get-done-soon-I'll-go-insane kept me busy.

That evening, I was able to attend a fish fry though, and I experienced my first mooning. It wasn't some blurry view of bare buttocks pressed against the back window of a van full of giggling teens either. No, I was initiated into the mooning world by a forty-one-year old, very hairy, very drunk man that exposed ALL. Actually, he was aiming his, er, goods at my husband since they'd been bandying about insults and jokes all evening. But, since I happened to be sitting next to my husband at that point, I looked up at exactly the wrong time. Just goes to show you... beware of fish fries in my neck of the woods. They tend to get a little, um, hairy.

Oh, hey. Don't forget to reset your clocks tonight. It's daylight savings time.