To Professor, with Love - Released!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
IT'S HERE!!!  Or mostly here, anyway. 

To Professor, with Love has been uploaded to the following vendors and is ready to read, which a couple of you have already noticed!  I was going to wait until I had all the buy links to share, but I'll just update them as they come in! So here you go.  Hope you enjoy Noel and Aspen.

Available Now:
In Ebook
 In Paperback
Coming Soon:
In Ebook
Baker and Taylor Blio
And I'm off to work on the next book about Pick and Eva. Wish me luck. 

Just a Few More Days!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Is it May yet?!

My kiddo has her last day of preschool for the semester on May first, and I think I'm going to start uploading early release versions of To Professor, with Love when May gets here. So, needless to say, I'm getting a little anxious for next week!

Things are really progressing for To Professor.  I have a chapter one sneak peak for it on Goodreads if you want to get started reading it early. And Goodreads is also hosting a giveaway for five paperback copies, starting today. I've even sent out advanced reading copies to a handful of reviewers (or possibly a couple handfuls of reviewers!!).

I'm kind of feeling sorry for those poor reviewers, though. I've gone over my proof copies two or three times since sending out their ARCs and I just keep finding silly mistakes. Make me want to clutch my hair and moan, "Why didn't I catch that the first ten times through?!"

Anyway, one or two people have liked To Professor with Love better than the story before it in the series: Price of a Kiss. But I think most of them prefer book one. I have this awful feeling, everyone is going to expect the same quirky characters as Reese was from Price of a Kiss. So warning: Noel and Aspen have different attitudes, sorry. Reese will make an appearance with her usual goofball charm, but she has a lot bigger role in book three, getting harder to write each day.  But I keep picking at it, so eventually it'll find its way to an end.  Or at least, it better!

And I think that's all I have to report in Linda Kage world today.  Oh!  Wait.  I have gotten through edits on Loving Lies, so that story's getting closer to publication. I just don't know quite how much closer though!

My four-year-old is enjoying the warmer weather.  She picked a flower yesterday outside her school building. I didn't see what she'd done until after she brought it to me and told me it was for me.  I tried to quietly tell her that I didn't think she was supposed to pick those flowers, but she seemed so happy about her good deed, I felt bad about crushing her joy. So I didn't make a big deal about it.  Meanwhile, another little classmate of hers saw her pick it and wanted to pick one too.  Well, his mama was a little (okay, a lot) louder about telling him he shouldn't go picking the flowers.  When she starts chastising him, Lydia's eyes went wide and she hovered closer to me, suddenly realizing oops, she wasn't supposed to pick the flowers.  Finally, she looked up at me and whispered, "Are you hiding it, Mama? Put it in your purse."

Okay, now that's really all I have to say today! Happy reading!  Hope everyone enjoys the last few days of April.