Tuesday, February 11, 2014
So my kiddo's birthday was yesterday!! She turned the big oh-four!! She was very excited and told us this was her best birthday ever...yeah, out of all four of them!

I should get a picture off my camera sometime to share with you, but I keep forgetting to do that whenever I have my camera and computer in the same place.  Oh, well. Some day.

In the writing world, I hope to get my Professor book sent off to my editor this week.  I plan on it releasing in May! But I still haven't heard anything back from my other book that should be coming out some time this year.

I started looking into places to send Professor for reviews once it's ready. It's been a while since I went into review policies on people's blogs. Each place goes about it in their own way, and sometimes they wants specific questions answered about the book you're submitting. One question I've come across goes something like "is there stupidity from the characters?" which just blew my mind. What an interesting yet debatable question!

I can totally get why a person would want to know that. I've gotten so mad at characters in books for doing something I thought was just...completely idiotic. But it still feels like asking a parent if their kid is ugly. What person thinks their kid is ugly?

And also, the term is so very subjective. What one person might consider crossing the line into out-there, another might think is fairly reasonable. I've read lots of reviews by this reviewer because she writes an awesome review, so I'd like to think I know what kind of stories she'd like, but still, how am I really supposed to know where her level of stupidity tolerance ends and begins?

I also think a little bit of stupidity in a book is almost required. If a character is too perfect and always, ALWAYS, does the right thing and says the right thing, and thinks the right thing, then where the heck is the story? It's just a boring pile of goo with no development.  But like a nice garlic seasoning, just enough to flavor and spice things up can really keep me invested in a plot. I love to see a character mess up so they can fix their mistake and ultimately go on to become a better person. Then again, too much garlic in anything is just too much. So there is a fine line of what you can take. It's just that every person's taste buds run differently.

What's your take on stupidity in books?