Graves' Update

Friday, September 19, 2008
Okay, so I went to a thyroid specialist yesterday. After looking at my test results, the endocrinologist immediately doubled all my medication and set me up with an appointment to get my thyroid destroyed next Tuesday. I'll have to sleep in a different bed than my husband, use a different bathroom, and not snuggle for five days after the radiation treatment. But the good news is... six months after that's done, I'm allowed to get pregnant. Yay! Yes, there will be increased risks, but at least there's good possibilities I'll be able to add to the family. I feel lots better after talking to this doctor. She addressed all my concerns directly.

On the house-building front, we have insulation on our walls and sheet rock is being hung today. Double Yay! There should be sidewalks in another two to three weeks and my new kitchen cabinets have been ordered and are being built.

So, good news there and there. Lets hope all these publishers and contests judges I've sent material will know to follow the pattern. I'm positive I'll hear from someone by at least November 11th, except... I'll be a year older by then. But hmm. Let's not go there.

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