On the Road to Recovery

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
It's been nearly twenty-four hours since I swallowed a radioactive iodine pill to kill off my thyroid but I haven't noticed any changes. Then again, they said it'd take one to three months to tell. I'm supposed to be "contaminated" until Saturday. I never realized how much stuff I touched until I wasn't supposed to touch anything. Every light switch, door handle and car lock is in danger from my lethal fingers. I'm not sure I like being unable to open the refrigerator to pull out a snack. I do so love my snacking. But it'll be worth it to stop feeling so worn out all the time. And I must say, I can't complain about having my husband cook for a few days. Except... his dinner last night was to bring home a bag from Sonic.

Since there wasn't much to do except sit in front of a computer, I finished a few critiques I was supposed to read. So, I was able to accomplish something during my short quarantine.

Another good thing happening is my house-building project. All the sheet rock should be hung today and side walks should be poured. Very exciting there.

I hope I'll have some good news to impart soon about selling a story. But it'll probably be a few months. I still have three different full manuscripts out to three different publishers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least one positive response. But more about that later.

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