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Monday, November 8, 2010
He put his hand out to her, palm up, not saying a word. Keealyn pulled the ring off her finger and placed it in his hand. She looked down at herself, all but naked in her underwear beneath sheets and a colorful, handmade quilt. Shocked, she pulled the sheet covering her higher.

“Where are my clothes, did you undress me, how did I get here?” The questions flew from her lips as fast as they hit her mind. “How dare you take my clothes off? You creep.” She started to tear up.

Oh God, I hope he didn’t touch me, she thought. No man had ever touched her that way.

“That’s funny.” He chuckled a bit unnervingly as he spoke, “You owe me an explanation. I bring you into my home; put you into a warm bed and you call me a creep? By the way, what is a creep? It doesn’t sound like any word I care to be called”

She looked around her, confused. “Where am I, what…?” Her trend of thought vanished for a moment, while she lowered her head into her hands.

Anxious, she looked up at him, “My name is Keealyn McCalley, and I’m confused. Who are you? What am I doing here? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble. Please don’t be angry.”

“I am Ryan O’Hartigan Wolf, son of Blair O’Hartigan Wolf and Charles Lone Wolf, both deceased. I want nothing from you, I found you passed out on the shore and brought you here. I will not hurt you. I am an honorable man.

You just read an excerpt from:
Tripping Through Time
Mary M. Ricksen
From The Wild Rose Press


While Karen M. Nutt is inteviewing me on her blog today, I'm here interviewing published author, Mary M. Ricksen.

Linda Kage: Hi, MARY!!! Tell us a little about you and what you write please.

Mary : I write romance. My first book is about time travel. Hopefully the series of three will make it to publication. My editor left the line I was in and that is that. But I have every intention of finding a new one!

Maybe I’ll self publish a short on Amazon. The possibilities are endless.


Kage: Good luck with the next two books in the series. I hope they find a home. Was Tripping Through Time the first book you wrote? If not, what happened to the first book you ever wrote?

Mary : I threw it away. Never thought I had any ability. It was a scifi about the last people left in the world after some horrific incident. A cast of about eight regulars travel the US looking for a place to call home. I used to be addicted to science fiction. Now it’s romance. Maybe someday I’ll put the two together!

Kage: Hey a Sci-Fi Romance sounds great to me. What’s your backlist and coming soon bookshelf look like? Any Sci-Fi's on your list?

Mary : My only book is Tripping Through Time. It was released in 2009, but I still find a lot of interest in it. That makes me very, very, happy.

Kage: So, let's talk about Tripping Through Time.

Tripping Through Time
Mary M. Ricksen
For years Keealyn McCalley has been under her father's commanding thumb. After a young child dies in her arms, Keealyn leaves nursing school despite his disapproval. She ends up staying at a camp on Lake Champlain, in Vermont.

Depressed and overwhelmed she takes her first drink and before she knows it she is stoned. Hungover and not thinking clearly she jumps into the lake. Her misguided act leads her to find an ancient Celtic ring with a spell on it. Putting it on sends her back to the year 1869. Found on the shore by Ryan Wolf, she is immediately attracted to his misty green eyes, hard body, and compassionate nature.

She must learn to trust him not to abuse her, save her heart, and teach her the powerful healing power of unconditional love.


Kage: What would the story be rated if it were a movie?

Mary : Since there is some sex in it, I guess R, but not Erotic. .


Kage: Yum. I love a good steamy story. Now...If you HAD to fit this story into a cliché, which one would it be?

Mary : Finding ones destiny and overcoming obstacles. Little house on the prairie on steroids.

With a touch of paranormal… I need to get wilder in my writing. I think I will!

Kage: Wilder than a Little House on the Prairie on Steroids? Wow, I can't wait to read that one!! Anyhew, now that we have a general idea which class to fit Tripping Through Time under, what makes this book so unique from every other book out there?

Mary : One bit of information. There was a scene that was cut at the last minute. I think it affected the story a lot. It disappointed me and made me look bad when the wrong blurb was inadvertently posted. I wish I’d had more time to fix it!

Kage: I know exactly how you feel about wishing you could go back to fix something already published. I'm still too afraid to go back to my published work and read it; I know I'll see something I want to change. Ugg. Maybe you could put that deleted scene on your website as an outtake excerpt! But until then, on with the interview. What was the easiest part of your story to write?

Mary : The first draft. I wrote without total knowledge and it just flowed out. The edits are the hardest part.

Kage: Ahhh. I love it when the muse hits and the words flow without reservation. Which makes me think of the characters you wrote. What do you like most about hero and heroine?

Mary : I like that she is willing to do what has to be done. She jumps in to help and has a good heart. He is strong and protective of his family. He has great pride and works hard. Plus he is hot!

Kage: Hot men are a MUST in the books I read!!! Mary, Thank you so much for stopping by today and gracing us with your presence. Before we go, is there anything else you’d like to say to wrap things up?

Mary : I thought I'd talk a bit about how networking helped me.

Authors are the best people in the world. They are caring and many are willing to help a fellow author.

They all love to tell you how to write, and they all are driven and dedicated to their goal. To write and publish books. People buying them would be nice too!

When I finished my first book, I had no clue what to do. So I found the president of my local chapter at the time, Traci Hall. She dragged my scared, introverted, butt to my first meeting. In past experiences, I have not had the greatest times with groups of people. I tended to have one or two very close friends, but the thought of going to some meeting with a bunch of people I didn’t know scared me to death.

I started to attend meetings and sweet Traci even drove with me to get down to Ft. Lauderdale...a good hour away. Every time I met nice people, I started to think maybe there are good, kind people in this world. You just have to find them.

One day, I met an editor at one of the meetings. I asked her, and she read my first three chapters. She helped me to make my story better, and then sent me in the right direction with another editor. That editor contracted my book. So if I hadn’t taken that chance, I never would have made it here. Writing is a solitary thing that one hopes will make it to be shared by many others. If I never publish another book again, I will never forget the help I got from these wonderful people. I will never forget the feeling of pride and accomplishment I felt when I held that book in my hands the first time. I was probably still hoarse from the screaming I did when I first was sold. Tell me that it isn’t all worth that one moment. No matter what, no one can take that away from me. No one can make me more confident than this makes me feel. And people buy it too!

Thank you fellow, authors! Thanks for being the kind and good people that you are. Thank you, gentle readers, you make my day! I got to share in something so important. Maybe someday, years from now, someone will pick up a copy of my book and I will be remembered for something important long after I’m gone.

Ain’t that fantastic!

As a writer, I feel strongly that I should share.
If I can help you, let me know! Authors should pass along a bit of the help they got.
It all comes back to you when you do!

Now that Mary has totally inspired us to buy her book, I'm providing us with a a buy link to Tripping Through Time: Ebook , PRINT

And if you you'd like Mary to help you along in your writing adventure, here are other places to find her on the web:

TWRP authors loop,
The Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers,
The Author Roast and Toast,
I am a member of RWA, and FRW.
I spend some time on facebook, my space, and other author sites.

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Publisher’s Author Page: The Wild Rose Press

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  1. Hi, Mary. Thanks so much for being a guest on my blog. It's been wonderful to have you here. I'll keep my eye open for the next book in your series to come out.
    Here's to happy sales!

  2. Hi Linda! You sure know how to put an interview together. You took my words and put them in a way that made even me enjoy reading. You are somethin' else. I am on my way to your interview right after this. I want you to know how much I appreciate your having me here today. Thanks from the bottom of my muse!

  3. I've had an opportunity for a sneak peak at Burnt Into Time, and it is fantastic. Mary is a talented author. The interview displayed her personality perfectly. Glad to know more about the author.

  4. May I add that Mary is a great friend, a good writer and an expert at promo. In addition to paranormal, she writes very funny articles.

  5. Bianca and Mona, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You have both taught me a lot and I relish your friendships!

  6. Hey, Mary--I love the premise of this story.And if one had to trip backwards through time, why not to a time where one could meet...that Mr. Wolf. Well. Wow.
    I agree that writing and getting published is a thrill--but like you, it would be nice to sell more! This one should sell, for sure.
    Best wishes--and tell Linda I couldn't take my eyes off watching Lyndia grow.

  7. Will do Celia! Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot to me...

  8. Great blog. And the Little House on the Prairie on steriods commend cracked me up. BTW, I think a sci fi romance would sell well. Think Scify channel meets Hallmark channel.

    Can you tell I love a good movie as much as a good book?

  9. Sounds good to me Lilly! Thanks for commenting.
    I so appreciate it.

  10. Hi Mary, hey - I love SciFi - anything SciFi - might want to re-evaluate your first book. Might find it's worth a little effort.

  11. Hi Mary, I found your interview great. And now I feel I know you much better. I wish you great success with this book and the books to come. And my sentiments exactly on sales. I wish more of our rewards for writing could be taken to the bank. Linda

  12. I love Sci Fi too, if only I hadn't thrown it away. It was in nine POV's. Think they'd want it?
    (grin) But I just might elaborate on it and do a short>?? Not sure... Thanks for the comment my friend!

  13. Mary, I'm so glad Traci brought you to FRW. You know we all love you! I hope there will be many more books from you down the line. You're a talented storyteller, so keep at it!

  14. Mary,

    I'm right with you when it comes to meeting large groups of people. Just the thought of it makes me shake in my boots. Online chats, great. Show up with friends, I'm fine. Send we off on my own, I'm scared out of my wits. lol

    I do hope you find a home for your next romantic tale...hmm...Little House on the Prairie on steroids--gotta love it.

    Lilly- has great advice, too-- Scify channel meets Hallmark channel. Love them both. The combo would make one heck of a read.

    Take care and I wish you the best!

    Hi Linda!!! Waving to you!! Lovely interview.
    Everyone, when you're done chatting, come by and see what Linda reveals about her new release at:

    Mary, I promise everyone is friendly there. We scaredy cats have nothing to worry about. lol

  15. What a great interview, Mary - I'm SO glad that we met :) You did the rest, and you aren't giving yourself enough credit, my friend!!! Tripping Through Time is a great book, and the 2nd and 3rd will find a home, too - keep up the great work!

  16. I think I should say great one more time = lol

  17. Thanks Traci, I love you my friend!

  18. Mary, I hope you will write that sci fi again, but with lots of romance and steroids, I mean asteroids, in it. I find sci fi and romance to be an awesome combination, and there's just not enough of it. :~)

  19. Excellent and very enjoyable interview. Mary is a talented author and a super lady. You will find a home for your next books, Mary, and have many options. The way Amazon is growing, a self pubbed short over there might be a good idea.

  20. Barbara, I just might!
    I am working on it, I don't give up easily!
    And I am gonna sell better then the first one!

  21. Mary, that was a wonderful interview! Sci-fi is hot again! Do it!

    Linda, thanks for taking care of our Mary R!

  22. Thanks Mary!
    And Beth hope you are better!
    You guys are the best!

  23. Mary,
    Everytime I read your wonderful blogs, I know you a little better and appreciate you more.
    Tripping Through Time was such a good read, and I know that your follow up books will be too.

  24. "Little House on Steroids" LOL Love it!

    Your Wolf sounds like my kind of hero - a heart of gold and a hot body!

  25. Mary, great blog! Sci-fi with romance is very hot right now. Go for it, Girl!!

  26. I've known Mary through the Internet and consider her a friend as well as a good author. Loved the interview!

  27. Thanks Linda, I hope you make a million sales!
    Allison, one of my luckiest days was meeting you.
    Patrice, you know how I feel about you...
    Thanks Lu, and Judy for commenting, I so appreciate it.
    Toni, your interviews are fantastic and you are a special friend to me.
    Linda, ain't it fun to meet new author friends!

  28. Linda, thanks for taking my words and putting them together so I sound so good. You really know how to do an interview! You rock girl!

  29. A comment like "little house on the prairie with steroids" has got to catch everyone's attention. Great interview. I applaud your comments about the writing fraternity - what a great bunch of people, no matter where they come from, they're always so supportive. My theory is, as writers its our job to "pass it on" the advice, the support, then the joy of making it.

  30. So true Anne, thanks for dropping by!
    Writers are the best people I know...

  31. Hi Mary,

    I've always thought romance writers are some of the nicest people in the world. Do you think it's because we craft HEAs all day?

    Great interview ladies!