Author Secrets Revealed!

Monday, October 22, 2012
On Friday, we had some wonky facts listed and you had to see if you could guess which author was attributed to each fact!

Well let's see how well you guessed!

The Answers Revealed!

Dark, Sexy Timeless Romance

C: I studied classical piano for close to fifteen years.

-I once owned a goat that walked on its two front legs in a continual handstand.

-Years ago, a roommate of mine set up a lunch date with Gerard Butler (prior to his fame) via connections with a charitable organization...then I kicked my roommate out and totally lost my chance to meet Gerard.  Oops!


author of: BALANCING ACT
Contemporary New Adult Romance

I: I fell off my bunk bed in college and ended up on crutches for two weeks. Never think you can just 'jump down' when startled; I wrestled with my desk chair and ended up spending two hours in the ER.


3. Marie Rose Dufour 
author of: SADDLE UP 
Contemporary & Paranormal Erotic Romance
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D: As a teenager, my dancing landed me a tv commercial and a segment on a local news broadcast.

-My dancing career ended when the director of a local ballet company told me I had a body better made for the Foxy Lady (a strip club) than the ballet stage.

-I still remember the license plate number of the first boy I ever had a crush on.

-When my husband walked through the door at Friendly's Ice Cream when I was 16, I knew I was going to marry him.

-My entire extended family is addicted to going to Disney World.


4. Diane Estrella
author of:  THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR
Middle School Storyteller, Blogger Extraordinaire
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E: I flew out to Arizona to go to the set of The Young Riders so I could meet the cast.


5. Laura Josephsen
author of: RESISTANCE
Science Fiction Adventure
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H: I spent my honeymoon in the hospital because my husband contracted malaria in Panama's Darien Jungle several weeks before our wedding. Then he got pneumonia on top of it.


6. Linda Kage
Contemporary YA & Adult Romance
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F: In junior college, I had a suite mate who was a hermaphrodite that liked to smoke pot and wanted to be a minister when she (he?) graduated.

-Oh, and I played clarinet in the middle school band.


7. Carol Kilgore
atuhor of: IN NAME ONLY 
Crime Fiction with a Kiss 
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G: I once received applause for parallel parking outside a busy restaurant … because it took me ten minutes to get the car into the space.


8. Nancy J. Parra
Cozy Gluten-free Bakery Mystery
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A: Up until 14 years ago I was terrified of dogs...


9. Jennifer Shirk
author of: SUNNY DAYS FOR SAM 
Fun, Feel-Good Romantic Fiction
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B:  I was once in a beauty pageant my senior year in high school (Miss Cosmopolitan). The winner went on to be Miss New Jersey, who then went on to be Miss America. I played piano as my talent.I didn't place, but the judges did send a message to me saying they wanted to see me again the next year. But I ignored it and gave up pageants when I went to college thus ending my beauty contestant era.

~*~ many did you get right??:


  1. So much fun! I also played clarinet in middle school. Yeah fellow musician! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, there's no way I would've gotten any of them either!

  3. Such a fun game, Linda. I guessed one, but it wasn't yours!

  4. I missed Friday because I was away, but this was a fantstic post! SO much fun!!!

  5. These were all great, but Carol's was my favorite! I'm envious because it probably would've taken me twenty minutes to park a few feet away from the curb! Julie