Okay, It's OVER!!

Monday, October 15, 2012
Since I've been going a little insane promoting my new book in a blog tour for the past two weeks, I kind of checked out on my regular ol' blogging for a while. So, while I've been blabbing on about the story that shall not be named today, here's what I was up to in real life:

-Had a birthday. My husband got me some shelves to organize my finished manuscripts in my library closet. Now I can pull out any given box I need without having to remove the seven boxes piled on top of it first!!

-Carved a pumpkin with the kiddo and hubby! Our first family jack-o-lantern...awww!

-Got my hair chopped short! (as you can probably see in the picture)

-Learned a fellow author at Champagne Books had died. The only contact I had with Jim Woods was when I interviewed him on my blog back in 2010. HERE. His interview had one of the biggest turnouts my blog has ever seen, so I can tell he must be missed by many right now.

-I contracted a story to a new publisher. Woot! (more about that later)

-I finished a writing a WIP. 80,000 words scribbled out in two months. I'm impressed with myself. It's my first attempt at new-adult (new adult = too old for young adult, too young for straight adult).

-I started a couple other WIPS!

-I visited some family I hadn't seen in a while.

-I finally read Fifty Shades of Gray. Took me a while to get through it, so it's the only thing I read these past two weeks.

-And....I got through my latest book blog tour. It was fun, challenging, I met lots of wonderful new people, got some amazing reviews for my story, and am satisfied with the results. But next time, I think I'll just pay someone to take care of it...see what the difference in the two are!

I'll announce all the different prize winners from the tour on Wednesday! Your name may be on the list, so make sure to come back and check it out!

What have you been up to in these last couple of weeks?


  1. You are SO busy!!! lol I'm impressed with your typage too!!! Pretty awesome. :-)

  2. Congrats on the blog tour -- it seems to have gone really well from what I saw!

    I'm definitely excited for your new adult book -- those are some of my favourites. =)

  3. Congrats on a great tour. Love the hair ;)

  4. You got a lot accomplished while you were busy with your blog tour. I'm impressed because I know that's not easy. Congrats!

    Lydia is fascinated with her jack-o-lantern :)