Happy Post-Fourth of July!

Friday, July 5, 2013
My kid is so weird; I love her to pieces!!

We had planned on going to my mom's to celebrate the Fourth of July on Thursday evening, so on Wednesday after work, I decided to take Lydia to the firework stand and get her some small things to light off that evening. We invited my sister and her family over to make a small party of it.

The evening was fun, and at the end of the night, I had Lydia hold the flashlight while she and I went around the yard looking for trash to throw away.  And apparently, to a three-year-old, picking up old fireworks in the dark is like Easter Egg hunting or something. She had a blast.

The next morning, when I was trying to sleep in since I didn't have to go to work (woot!), little kiddo came crawling into bed with us, begging "Can we go outside and pick up trash?"

Really!  True story.

So, I was telling all this to another sister at the big family party the next night, and she said, "Maybe you can turn the lights out and have her pick up the toys in her room with a flashlight."  Genius! I had never thought of that, but I bet the kiddo would totally go for it.

Why is it the best idea never come from me?!

So that's how the holidays went for me: food, family, and fun. I hope yours went well. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. ROFL! Your kid is wonderful! Are you taking notes, Mama, for working a 3 y/o into your books? LOL:)

  2. Hope the flashlight thing is still working!