Week One = Success!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
I've seen a rough draft sample of my cover for Price of a Kiss and, wow, it's amazing!  The big reveal date for that is August 6th, which I can't believe it already less than a month away. I know, WOW! I've also seen a rough draft sample of the cover for Cry Fighting Fate. And it's pretty sweet too.

Feels like I have all these secret delights hidden up my sleeve until I can spring them on you one of these days soon.

In other news:

My first week of self publishing has gone well. At Amazon, I decided to go the $2.99 route for Kiss it Better and the $0.99 price for How to Resist Prince Charming. I'm making less royalties from the cheaper one, but I wanted to see how much of a difference it made between the two. And, um, yeah, I've noticed a difference.

On Amazon, the contemporary adult romance story, which is priced at $2.99, sold six copies in week one.  That's good for me. Pretty typical! I'm always tickled every time I see that someone has bought one of my books! I just hope they like it!

The new adult story however (and new adult is popular right now, keep in mind), priced at $0.99, sold more like 600 copies in the first week.

Yes, that's completely, record breaking for me and probably a once-in-a-lifetime event. I was so excited and disbelieving, I had to take a picture of my rating just so I can come back to in in five years and see that I really did do that well once upon a time! It's not in the top 100, but wow, top 598 works for me! I mean, it REALLY works for me!

Other vendors aren't selling my books that hot, and I haven't even gotten them on Barnes and Noble yet because I think Smashwords is a little backlogged on getting things distributed, which is fine. But I'm still blown away by my first week in Indie land.

The husband thinks I need to celebrate by getting a new bow!!

And now for my countdown quote of the day! In eight weeks, PRICE OF A KISS will go live!  To prepare, here is what my wonky heroine, Reese, has to say today:


  1. Huge congrats! And very much deserved :)

  2. WOW, thanks for sharing. AND YOU GO, GIRL!!!!

  3. Congrats Linda! That's such great news.

  4. That's fantastic Linda!! Congratulations! I think the highest rating I've ever gotten is...39,000. Now I'm happy if I'm above 500,000. 598 is awesome!!