I read it all for the HEA!

Friday, July 26, 2013
There has been a good response for the new release of Fighting Fate, so I'm riding a happy high today!  (See, told you happiness beats perfection!!)

But what I totally adore is the picture collage the blogger on 2 Girls Book Blog made for their review.  Totally amazing, and it fits the story to a T!  She even put the blueberry muffins in there!  Awww. And I love how she chose Aria from Pretty Little Liars to play my heroine, Paige. That's one of my favorite shows.

I also found out this week that there will be a little feature of Fighting Fate this Sunday on the blog Book Chick City for their Sunday Love-in post. I'm giving a sneak peek of my favorite scene and why I love it.

Which got me to thinking...what makes me love a certain scene over all the others?  Heck, what makes me love a certain book over all the others?

What makes you fall in love with a story?

I've decided it isn't amazing writing that makes me love a book, though okay, that really helps.

It isn't an amazing plot I fall for, because I've fallen for stories where I hate the plot (example: a love triangle--I despise them--where the heroine sneaks out of her boyfriend's bed to tiptoe across the hall and crawl under the covers with her lover. Not my cup-of-tea at all. But, yeah, I gave that book a 5-star rating)

I'm not even clenched by an amazing character that grows and redeems all past mistakes, turning into a beautiful human being, though I will stop reading if I totally don't like the main character.

What I really think I'm a sucker for is intense emotions. Gut-wrenching angst that physical makes my stomach hurt. But I also have to have comedic relief. Lots of witty lines with some playful banter.

Most of all, I think I have to have a happily-ever-after love story. The heroes and heroines I adore best have to have chemistry where they share moments that tell you no one else would be as perfect for either of these people as they are for each other.

A plot can be simple or complex. The characters can be shy or outgoing. Doesn't matter to me. I read it all for the HEA and to see how people overcome all the insurmountable obstacles that get in the path of their love.

Okay, your turn! What pulls you into a story the most?

Since FIGHTING FATE came out last week, I'm doing teaser quotes to celebrate. This scene is one of the first eye-opening scenes for the heroine, where she learns the hero isn't quite the monster she always thought he was.

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  1. Characters are definitely what makes the story for me, but I agree that the emotions that the characters are feeling -- and the ones they evoke in me -- are super important. I do love a happily ever after in my stories, though to me that doesn't mean all wrapped up in a bow. Some endings can be perfect when they're bittersweet or just hopeful -- as long as I can easily picture happiness in the future I like it.