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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 So in November of 2018, I gave myself a goal of the next seven books I wanted to work on, plus the order I thought I might write them.

Two years later, I'm kind of surprised I actually got four of them finished (I honestly wasn't sure if I'd get even that much done)! But the order in which they came out was all different than I thought they’d be. And that tells me the order I'm going to continue writing them has changed too!

Because in working on The Revenge Plan, I came up with an idea for a spin-off series for the Webster siblings as well as another Forbidden Men Descendants book, which inspired yet another one after that. And those three ideas (The Thickening Plot, Secrets That We Keep, and Insta-Family) pushed Creeper and Never Gonna Happen significantly further down the queue (yet I still want to work on those someday too, don’t worry!).

Then, the Love Mark series started to really roll, and they elbowed the last Fairytale book out of THEIR way and they all crowded to the front of the line (I must have some really pushy books, I guess). 

Except I'm hoping to finish the Fairytale series sooner rather than later, so I'm trying to keep Black Crimson high on the list, even though I have a feeling others will cut in front of it again, especially since another fantasy story (I guess we'll call it fantasy since it's definitely not realistic) titled Fourth Son of the Third Daughter has really been stealing my attention.

But anyway…

Here is what my writing goals queue looks like as of right now for 2021 and beyond.

-WAIT FOR LOVE - Book 4 of the Love Mark series, featuring Olivander.

-INSTA-FAMILY - A standalone Forbidden Men descendants novel, featuring Lucy Olivia Gamble (Aspen and Noel's daughter).

-BLACK CRIMSON - Final Book 4 in the Fairytale Quartet, featuring Brick and Camille.

-ALL MY LOVE - Final Book 5 in the Love Mark series, featuring Dori.

-FOURTH SON OF THE THIRD DAUGHTER - Spin-off story from the Love Mark series, featuring Xyla and Zayden.

-THE THICKENING PLOT - Book 2 of the Webster Sibling series, featuring Izzy.

-WHAT THE HEART WANTS - A standalone NA Forbidden Men descendants novel, featuring Ayden Hart (Asher and Remy's youngest daughter).

I actually finished the rough draft for Secrets That We Keep, so that's why it's not on my "2021 goals" list; it's already past "work in progress" and going into "editing" stage at the moment, and it should be here before February. But more about that coming soon.

I also have an alphabet challenge going with myself. I want to write enough main-character heroes and heroines whose first letter of their first names cover the entire alphabet. So I still need full-length stories written with heroines names that start with D, X, and U. Then I need books with heroes whose names start with O, T, V, X, and Z (I was never sure if Oren/Ten should go under T or O, so I decided to just have two more heroes with O and T beginning letters to be sure I covered them sufficiently. But seriously, would you put Ten under T or O?). And that's another reason I kind of want to write these stories I have in this queue next into 2021 and beyond. I will fulfill my alphabet challenge if I get all seven of these written!

If you want to see pictures of the heroes and heroines in my alphabet challenge (upcoming and already-released), I'd love to share them with you:

Heroes | Heroines

I added pictures for the main characters in my novellas and mini stories too because I didn't want them to feel left out, even though I'm not technically counting them in my challenge (sorry, guys). But yeah, I had fun coming up with images for all of them! That was kind of a challenge all on its own!

If you ever want to see where I'm at with any specific work in progress or you want more details about any of the books I am hoping to write, feel free to visit the NEXT page on my website.

Happy reading! And take care out there.

Big hugs from Linda.

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