Beds and Tornadoes

Monday, May 12, 2008
What a weekend. We received our government subsidy Friday and spent it on Saturday. Uncle Sam should be so proud of us. We totally blew it... on a king sized bed!! Very exciting stuff here. But as we were walking back to our car to go buy sheets for.... yes, our new king sized bed!!, my husband looked up at the sky and said, "This isn't right." After a cool rain that morning, he felt it was too hot and muggy. The atmosphere was messed up, he claimed... meaning a bad storm was about to hit. And hubby was right.

His pager went off a few hours later. So, he dropped me off at his mother's house while he left for storm watch patrol. Our county didn't receive any damage, but the one south of us saw action. Since the wind and rain swept through our area quickly enough, Hubby came back to get me within an hour of leaving. But on our way home, we could hear another county bleeding through his police scanner. It was absolute chaos down there. Every first responder was talking at once, and they were all asking for help, claiming they had a critical patient or a car flipped over in the middle of a field or a gas line leaking. They needed to close down highways so they could land multiple helicopters. My husband and I looked at each other, grateful the storm hadn't come a little more north.

From the national news, I've heard twenty-two people are dead from this tragedy. The woman whose spot I now work at the library lost her home. It's the only thing on our local news. An infant was lost and a set of parents saw their seventeen year old daughter die when two trees fell on their trailer home. One man was holding onto his wife, covering her and she was killed. I listened to all these accounts and I felt awful for these people, wishing I could do something to help. Thank God my local news website (KOAM) has provided information for me to do that.

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