MRW Meeting

Friday, May 9, 2008
I'm glad I'm a member of Romance Writers of America. My chapter group, MRW (Midwest Romance Writers) is so wonderfully helpful. Last night, Alfie Thompson gave a spectacular program about point of view. I'd learned about it in college, sure, since my major was writing. But that was very generalized and broad based. Alfie narrowed it down to writing for the romance genre and explained why you use different points of view for different types of stories.

I just want to blab all and share everything she said, but she worded it more eloquently than I ever could. You should just buy her writing help book, Lights! Camera! Fiction! It gives all sorts of great writing advice. Her presentation really jazzed me up. I wanted to call in sick to work today and stay home fixing all my POV mistakes.

I also wanted to call in sick because I'm dead tired. After getting off at work at 4pm yesterday, I drove two hours straight to make the meeting. Then, after we adjourned at nine, I had to drive the two hours back home. And this morning, I got up to return to work at 7:30 sharp. Yuck.

But it was totally worth it. Can't wait to do it next month again.

I'm excited I made the trip though. I'm a country girl, raised on a dairy farm, so I've never done any big city driving before. Biggest town I ever navigated was 15,000. But this meeting was in Kansas City. Granted, it wasn't in downtown KC, but I drove during rush hour and it got a little crowded there. I'm just so proud of myself for making it without wrecking or having a nervous breakdown. Let's me know I can accomplish something anyway.

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  1. Laugh! Linda, this is such an awesome and ironic comment on here.

    Excerpt from my Mideival work --

    She even liked his feet. Dear Lord, she really needed sleep. No one in their right mind liked feet. Yet there was something strangely intimate about seeing those naked toes.